E! True Hollywood Story To Feature The Cooleys

By now, the story of Chris Cooley meeting his future wife Christy is the stuff of legend: she was a cheerleader, he was a tight end, they weren’t allowed to date, but they started dating on the creep anyway and things - obviously - went well. On one hand, aww. On the other hand, aww damn, she’s a knockout.

Chris Cooley's Wife Photos
(Putting her on TV? Eh, risky decision, E! - viewers might not go for her. Sure you can’t get Susan Boyle instead?)

The producers of the E! True Hollywood Story franchise noticed the story as well, it appears; they’re picking up “NFL Wives” as one of their episodes, prominently feature Mrs. Cooley herself. It’s not exactly unprecedented; E! featured MLB wives last year; we don’t recall any complaints about that.

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Unlikely: DC Athletes Avoid Fatties, Jack Daniels?

Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG keeps us current on night club advice by quizzing local pro athletes about how to make the scene. Or more specifically, how to avoid ending up on your friendly neighborhood slumming sports blog the next morning.

Chris Cooley's Wife Photos

(Chris Cooley doesn’t dance for wife Christy, but he does walk their Westie)

Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley tells Steinberg that eschewing alcohol you can’t see through is a good start:

“Everyone wants to drink a shot,” Cooley explained. “Don’t drink whiskey. I used to drink Jack Daniels. Bad decision. You get too filled up.”

“Everyone wants to do a shot with me,” he said. “I don’t know if that’s my image or what it is, but I can’t drink shots any more, because it wound up being 20 shots. Everywhere I go, ‘Do a shot with us!!!’ No more. That’s my tip as a pro athlete, don’t do a shot. And don’t dance if you’re [bad] at it, because everyone watches.”

Everyone watches” is now code for “Everyone has a cellphone camera and a Youtube account.

Meanwhile, Washington Wiz forward Caron Butler imparts evening-out wisdom that could also be taken to heart by your local garden variety mafia hit man and/or Pacman Jones and/or Plax: Read more…

Blog Jam: Cooley’s Wife Shows Off Lovely T-Shirt

• DC SPORTS BOG puts on news that Chris Cooley’s wife Christy shows love for her Redskins hubby through the medium of t-shirt messages.

Chris Cooley wife Christy t-shirt

Wonder if she’ll sport a similar shirt for new arrival Jason Taylor.

• How would you celebrate a walk-off home run? THE FIGHTINS’ finds the Marlins’ Jorge Cantu doing it by tugging a teammate’s testes.

• Luckily, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers a product that could provide some penile comfort to Cantu’s tuggee, Scott Olsen.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME calls foul, as a Portuguese soccer team apparently gets away with trying to bribe the referees. Couldn’t the club have just distracted the officials by planting their pretty fans along the pitch?

Euro 2008 Portugal girl

• How far will you go for free beer? The MADISON (WI) CAPITAL TIMES unearths about 250 baseball fans willing to eat beetles for bonus brews.

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Cooley To Tie Knot With Ex-Redskins Cheerleader

Chris Cooley is getting hitched on Friday. And the Redskins tight end is using his blog to gush & blush about his beautiful bride-to-be.

Chris Cooley Christy

(Chris pointing to Christy:Mine!“)

Cooley remembers meeting Christy about three years ago, when the Redskins cheerleader showed up at his house “like she had climbed out of a poster in my high-school bedroom.”

And as it turns out, it wasn’t just a random chance meeting.

(More provocative, possibly-NSFW pics of the future Mrs. Cooley post-jump.)

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