WaPo Gives KSK’s Christmas Ape Lump Of Coal

The news is skittering all about the sports blogohedron about the WASHINGTON POST firing staff writer Michael Tunison after he publicized himself as being the notorious Christmas Ape of KISSING SUZY KOLBER, DEADSPIN, and THIS WEBSITE fame. Here’s a dramatization of the editors reading Tunison’s KSK posts for the first time:

Woodward & Bernstein & Christmas Ape

(They had to use the typewriter because Blogger.com isn’t cuneiform compatible.)

On Monday afternoon, Tunison posted a 2-year-old picture at KSK at an indeterminate bar with some kind of parrot-looking mascot, saying he was “totally f*cking hammered.” Read more…

Sad But True: NBA Cannibalizing WNBA For Fans

Christmas Ape at DEADSPIN (via RUFUS ON FIRE) gives us a momentary reprieve from our onset of carpal tunnel today:

Charlotte Bobcats Song

If Charlotte’s WNBA Sting hadn’t dissolved, we doubt this moving picture masterpiece would’ve seen the light of day (video after the jump). Read more…

A More Boring Version Of Escape From New York

We’re back in Miami after a short week in New York City. Went from zee-row Thursday night on The Island to 80° when we touched down at MIA Friday @ 10p (and then back to below freezing upon our ill-fated amorous maneuvers on South Beach).

Escape From New York

We’ve got a mammoth weekend for you coming, with Christmas Ape of KISSING SUZY KOLBER and DEADSPIN manning the controls.

We’ll also be chiming in once the Lidocaine shot wears off, and Jason will have a review of “Semi-Pro” somebody drew the short straw.

We’ll Soon Be Afternoon-Deep In A Bottle Of Cutty

Today you’ll notice that Christmas Ape of KISSING SUZY KOLBER and DEADSPIN is now on board to post to his heart’s delight.

Hospital Waiting Room

If you’ve read his fine work, you know why we’re ecstatic to have him. Plus, we can now finally sneak away for that worry-free colonoscopy we’ve always dreamed of.

Later today (5p ET) we’ll be appearing on Fox Business Channel’s “Happy Hour.” As if we needed an excuse to be early afternoon-deep in the Cutty.