UConn 1st School To Dump Gymnast Cheerleaders

The HARTFORD COURANT has big news today, but buries the lede. The newspaper notes that UConn has banned its cheerleading squad from performing gymnastic manuevers in favor of a “spirit squad.”

Gymnast Cheerleaders Dumped By UConn Because Of Injuries

In other words, those crazy dangerous stunts you see performed during college sports events? You won’t see them anymore at Storrs.

Christine Wilson, assistant vice president for student affairs and director of student activities, said the change was made because “we want people formerly called cheerleaders to focus in on building spirit at UConn, on spending time working on ways to engage fans and to really spread Husky spirit” rather than spend hours perfecting stunts.

Will you miss cheerleaders doing death-defying stunts at college games?

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Of course, we know the real reason for the ban, and the Courant fails to even bring it up. Read more…