Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Is Gorgeous, Talented

Over the past four months I’ve had multiple sources raving to me about a new girl Dwight Howard has been seeing.

Christine Vest Photos Dwight Howard Girlfriend

(Good god)

Her name is Christine Vest and she’s a recent graduate of Chico (CA) State, where she played basketball.

I was hesitant to let the cat out of the bag because of Howard’s tumultuous off-court personal issues but from what I’ve heard, Vest is keeper material - in more ways than one.

Christine Vest Photos Dwight Howard Girlfriend

The 22-year-old Vest is an aspiring singer/songwriter who may actually have the talent to make it in the music biz without glomming onto Howard’s celebrity. Vest has already accrued multiple thousands of views on YouTube despite her complete anonymity.

In other words, she’s not a groupie who only views Howard as a lotto ticket on an exit ramp to Realityshowville.
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