Merriman Sues Ex-Duke Hoops Stars For $3 Million

Brent Schrotenboer of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reports today that San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman, currently a holdout from training camp, is suing a company owned by former Duke basketball players Christian Laettner and Brian Davis for $3.64 million - and $998.76 per day in interest.

Shawne Merriman Sues Christian Laettner and Brian Davis

The litigation stems from a loan Merriman and his company, S.M. Real Estate, provided to Laettner and Davis’ real estate development company, BD Ventures.

Merriman originally sued BD Ventures in federal court in April, 2009, noting that the loan had not been repaid in full.  On Monday, Merriman filed an affidavit in Maryland  requesting that a judge “make a summary judgment in his favor.

As part of the affidavit,  Merriman wants a piece of Laettner and Davis’ real estate and business ventures: Read more…

Ultimate Warrior Goes Wacko On The Late Jacko

• The Ultimate Warrior is nice enough to add his two ultimate cents on the dearly departed Michael Jackson.

Ultimate Warrior Michael Jackson

Christian Laettner is being sued by Shawne Merriman. CL better get a good lawyer and an even better bodyguard.

• A Texas Longhorns lineman learns the hard way why you shouldn’t text & drive by plowing into a co-ed’s apartment.

• An Aussie rugby coach is serious enough about drunken behavior on his team that he fines himself $10,000 for stumbling into the wrong hotel room.

Larry Johnson shows he can treat the ladies right by buying some gals in Vegas a really big champagne bottle.

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Week In Review: Philadelphia Sports Full Of Boobs

• Philly sports: Where there’s boobs at courtside & boobs in the front office.

Mary Carey Sixers LARGE

• Was Tonya Harding’s hit on Nancy Kerrigan somehow financed by George Steinbrenner?

• Would you like to carry ESPN Radio shows? That will be $100,000, please. And don’t try to offset the funds with a softcore porn bracket contest.

• Maybe women’s college basketball should acknowledge the lesbian fanbase. Otherwise, why even bother playing anymore?

• These lovely lady lumberjacks are a cut above other beauty pageant gals.

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Laettner’s Not Likeable; No NFL For ‘Sex Offender’

Grant Hill reveals that Christian Laettner is a big jerk. In other news, sky is blue, water is wet, Duke is overrated.

Grant Hill Christian Laettner

• A former U of Minnesota running back can’t leave the state to attend an NFL tryout - just because he’s an “untreated sex offender“.

• There’s nothing like a buzzer-beater to punch your ticket to the Big Dance.

• The Yankees hope to have the healthiest ballpark in the league.

• Delaware seems determined to take a gamble on sports betting.

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Grant Hill Confirms It: Christian Laettner Is A Jerk

Phoenix Suns guard Grant Hill, he of Duke and “the next Jordan” fame, made one of his occasional appearances on the DAN PATRICK SHOW, but the cameo brought out some surprisingly good dirt. He had some strong stuff on Shaquille O’Neal, but nothing topped what Hill confirmed about former Duke teammate Christian Laettner: He’s just a big, pompous jerk.

chrisitan laettner grant hill duke

According to Hill, Laettner spent his college years bullying his teammates, including former all-everything point guard Bobby Hurley, and would be a perfect candidate for his own reality show. Possibly even a show where he travels through Kentucky making fun of the natives. Hill thinks he’d be a natural for it. Why?

“Laettner is a little bit of a jerk,” Hill said. “And I mean that in a nice way.”

Sure, Grant. Sure you do. Of course, he had some good ideas for even more nicknames for Shaq, too.

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Laettner Elected To HOF (Not THAT Hall Of Fame)

Former NBA player and Duke standout Christian Laettner will be inducted into the The National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame on June 12th.

Christian Laettner

Wait, so Laettner’s Polish? All this time I thought he was gay.

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Blog-O-Rova: Sharapova & Kournikova Together

• THE ANGRY T serves up a shot of tennis temptresses Maria Sharapova & Anna Kournikova together at last:

Maria Sharapova Anna Kournikova

• With minor league baseball (and the between-inning promotions) underway, COMMOTION hopes they can catch a t-shirt shot by these guys.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH has the update you’ve been waiting for - of the world women’s curling championship.

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