Actress Wants Osgood, Stanley Cup ‘Sponge Bath’

Greg Wyshynski of PUCK DADDY found the time in his busy Stanley Cup Finals and ritual bikini wax schedule to pass along an interview with Kristen Bell, who has been one of those hideous female NHL fans all her life. (Well, an NHL fan, anyway; we don’t know about any operations she’s had in Europe. We don’t pry.)

Kristen Bell and Chris Osgood

In the interview, she professes a desire to take a sponge bath with the Stanley Cup (just like John Candy did, we assume), so you know it’s quality journalism already. We suppose we should find that the most intriguing part, but her childhood crush on Chris Osgood has freaked us out a bit. That’s Chris Osgood next to her in that picture. Barry Melrose thinks that haircut blows.

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