Did ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons Lift Blogger’s Idea?

Chris Mottram of SBNation.com points out an interesting coincidence between an ESPN.com Bill Simmons piece today and a post written by SBNation’s Andrew Sharp the previous day.

Bill Simmons

Sharp noted on Thursday that Titans’ running back Chris Johnson would probably be enjoying more celebrity if he had a more unconventional name. Simmons the next day? Same. Graf comparison after the jump.

Did Bill Simmons lift SBNation.com blogger’s idea about Chris Johnson?

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Packers.com Lets Favre Retirement Plan Slip Out?

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG has news that Packers.com earlier today posted a headline on its breaking news page that said “Favre To Retire,” along with a caption that read “Packers quarterback Brett Favre has announced he will retire.”

Brett Favre Needs A Ball Washer

The posting drew a flurry of response from sites like PRO FOOTBALL TALK. It was then quickly removed from the site. But thanks to the space age miracle that is screen grab software, Mottram was able to capture the previous page as an image. Read more…

Did Wilbon Steal Sporting News Blogger’s Idea?

We want to preface this post by saying we really like Mike Wilbon on PTI, and enjoy his work in the WASHINGTON POST. But Chris Mottram of the SPORTING NEWS’ SPORTING BLOG has a curious comparison between something suggested by SPORTING BLOG writer Bethlehem Shoals regarding the NBA all-star game, and a subsequent, very similar idea about the game put forth by Wilbon.

Michael Wilbon

Before laying out what happened, Mottram writes: “It’s a well-known fact that columnists, sports radio DJ’s and the main-stream media in general are prone to stealing content from bloggers and never giving credit. It’s total B.S., sure, but bloggers don’t get too up in arms because we know that in five years these people will all be completely irrelevant (assuming they aren’t already). So we let it slide, for the most part. (Plus, there’s nothing we can really do about it.) Read more…

Best Part Of SB Week (Besides Alex Smith’s Wife)

We don’t need to tell you that just because there are a lot of people doing the sports blogging thing doesn’t mean those blogs are worth reading. But when it comes to the Super Bowl, some choice bloggers saved Super Bowl week for us.

Alex Smith's Wife Carson Palmer Chris Mottram

First off, they made us realize that we should never, ever consider attending the week-long media charade leading up to the game - at least as a reporter. Second, over the past five days those folks have actually had the temerity to make things interesting. Not because the people and events covered were worthy of note, but because of the comedic and insightful writings of those bloggers. So here they are:

Chris Mottram of the THE SPORTING BLOG. Be sure and check out his “stalker” photo essay - which is the funniest thing we saw all week. More importantly, check out the photo of Alex Smith’s smokin’ wife.

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