Behind The Douches: “Gators Wear Jean Shorts”

It’s nice to know that the ORLANDO SENTINEL is apparently immune to budget cuts sweeping the newspaper industry. How else can you explain a 1000-word story on jorts?

Chris Leak and Tim Tebow in Jorts

Don’t like you’ve never wondered where the phrase “Gators wear jean shorts,” long the bastion of UF-haters everywhere, originated. Oh, you’ve never wondered? Well too bad, because in the finest piece of investigative journalism since the Pentagon Papers, the Sentinel has dug up the truth. And just in time for the FSU game too! How convenient.

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Blog Jam: Barkley Calls Magic Coach ‘Ron Jeremy’

• ODENIZED gets a rise out of Charles Barkley, who tells his TNT audience that Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy looks a lot like Ron Jeremy.

Stan Van Gundy Ron Jeremy

• WALKOFF WALK sings the praises of the Pirates’ Jason Bay - to the high-pitched tune of a Beatles classic.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS is sole-d on Chris Leak’s BCS Championship shoes up for bids on eBay, with a buy-it-now price of only $10,000.

• DEADSPIN is bedeviled that the Rays are in first in the AL East.

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