Chris Johnson Consistent On The Field, Keyboard

Chris Johnson recently acquired a new vehicle, which he naturally showed off to the folks who live in the homes around him:

Chris Johnson's Yellow Car

Perhaps he was just returning the favor after these thoughtful gestures last football season: Read more…

Bolt Rep Wants Untrue ESPN Claim ‘Taken Down’

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported this morning:

ESPN Bolt Johnson Report By Schefter Is Wrong

(Bolt agent: No such race ‘planned’)

Sources close to the situation told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that representatives for the Titans running back and Olympic champion Usain Bolt of Jamaica have spent recent days trying to set up a race between the two men to determine who really is the world’s fastest human.

The race would be used to raise money for charity.

But Bolt’s agent Ricky Simms said after the report that not only was ESPN’s story untrue, but he hinted that Bolt might not even know who Johnson is. Read more…

Did’s Bill Simmons Lift Blogger’s Idea?

Chris Mottram of points out an interesting coincidence between an Bill Simmons piece today and a post written by SBNation’s Andrew Sharp the previous day.

Bill Simmons

Sharp noted on Thursday that Titans’ running back Chris Johnson would probably be enjoying more celebrity if he had a more unconventional name. Simmons the next day? Same. Graf comparison after the jump.

Did Bill Simmons lift blogger’s idea about Chris Johnson?

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Oakland CB: Raiders “Can Go 8-0, End Up At 10-6″

The last time we heard from Chris Johnson - no, not the one on the Titans with “gettin’ away from cops speed,” the one on the Raiders - he was too busy drawing bullcrap penalties for praising the Lord after an interception. Seriously, that was a steaming plate of C-R-A-P, and we’re glad the league apologized.

Chris Johnson Interception Oakland Raiders

Johnson’s probably going to need God again, and he’s going to need Him for a serious, universe-altering favor.  Parting the Red Sea? Feh. Planting dinosaur bones to make atheists think the Earth is old? Child’s play. Creating the universe and everything in it? Ho-hum. God’s got much bigger problems to work out now: like making the Raiders run the table and make the playoffs this season.

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Want To Get Away? Gus Johnson Sorry For Gaffe

Gus Johnson had only just gotten over Brandon Stokley’s deflected TD reception against the Bengals when a controversy arose surrounding his interesting choice of words during the Jaguars-Titans game on Sunday. In calling a Chris Johnson touchdown run, Gus said that the Titans running back had “getting-away-from-the-cops speed!” Whoops.

Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson is very sorry, kind of. And he said so today, in one of the most striking non-apology apologies in the history of anything. In fact, the apology was so hollow, there was an audible echo. He shouldn’t have bothered, really, except that in saying something, at least he was acknowledging the controversy.

Chris Johnson

(Wait, isn’t it the Bengals who are usually running from the cops?)

Video following the jump. Read more…

NFL Officiating Pontiff Hath Forsaken The Raiders

Last Sunday Raiders cornerback Chris Johnson was flagged for excessive celebration after intercepting a pass against the Texans. His crime, per the David White of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE:

Chris Johnson Religious Celebration Allowed By VP Of NFL Officiating Mike Pereira

(Blurriness adds to the drama, no?)

Falling on bended knee and lifting his hands toward the unretracted roof after his end-zone interception just before halftime. The back judge deemed it excessive celebrating and threw his flag. “I’m just getting on my knees giving my respect to God,” Johnson said. “I don’t see how that’s a personal foul or anything like that.

Follow: “Chris Johnson gave the same thanks after his three other career interceptions, all last season, and was not flagged.

Okay, now for the fun part, thanks to Yardbarker blogger Alana G. Read more…

Breast Cancer No Match For Chris Johnson’s BMW

NFL players will accessorize with pink this weekend in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, which has guys like Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals and Chris Johnson of the Titans jazzed. Earlier this week, Ochocinco was touting the fine-worthy special-order shoes, gloves and wrist bands he’ll sport on Sunday.

Johnson? Uh, think he might have ol’ 8-5 beat on this one.

Chris Johnson's Pink BMW

(O-C knows he’s been beat)

The only fines facing Johnson on Sunday will be of the traffic variety.

LenDale White Drops 30 Pounds The No-Fun Way

It’s fair to say that LenDale White has been a rather, ahem, easy target for jokes. And tacklers. And paint balls. LenWhale, as he was affectionately known, routinely tipped the scales at over 260 pounds; though he was an effective goal-line option, his low yards per carry had many people thinking “bust.”

Lenwhale White
(”You’re looking good, LenDale.” “Thanks, man.” “You enjoying your new life?” “F**k no.”)

But White’s in training camp now, and he’s looking surprisingly svelte, as seen above (on the right, of course; nobody’s ever going to confuse him with speedy backfield partner Chris Johnson). He’s even below 230 pounds now - which could very well mean that now he’s just another average running back - but hey, he deserves some credit for dropping 30 pounds, right? Well, maybe; unfortunately, White’s diet may have most of us wondering if it was even worth it.

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Quoth The Ravens: We Win Since You Never Score

The 2008 Ravens are starting to look an awful lot like the 2000-01 Ravens, and that’s just about the best compliment you could pay them.

matt stover
(Matt Stover is relevant again. Must be playoff time.)

With a suffocating defense and a quarterback who didn’t make any major mistakes — which is more than could be said about his veteran counterpart, Kerry Collins — Baltimore slipped past Tennessee in Nashville, ruining a once-promising campaign for another top-seeded Titans team before it could even get started.

Still, while Ravens rookie passer Joe Flacco may end up being the same everyone eventually associates with this Baltimore win — after all, Matt Stover had the second-most significant hand in the team’s offensive success on Saturday — this was really a classic defensive struggle, an old-school football game that was all about hits, not about speed or flash, particularly after Tennessee lost rookie speedster back Chris Johnson to an ankle injury.

More than one player lost his helmet, and the first one to go hat-less was a bruising back with a double-thick chin strap; Titans fullback Ahmad Hall. Those hits set the tone for a brutal game that saw more injury breaks than TV timeouts. Or at least something close to parity.

Just check out the video from the supershot from Ray Lewis: Read more…

LenDale White Stomps All Over A Terrible Towel

Many doubted that the Titans could wrap up the top seed in the AFC playoffs today against the Steelers without Albert Haynesworth. But Tennessee rolled Pittsburgh 31-14, capped off by an 83-yard interception return in the final seconds by Michael Griffin.

LenDale White stomps the Terrible Towel

The Titans wrapped up home-field advantage through the playoffs, and should these teams meet again the Steelers might have a little extra motivation. Seems that LenDale White wasn’t happy with just winning the game. He thought it would also be a good idea to stomp all over a Terrible Towel for the benefit of the CBS cameras. Oh, it’s on now.

Video after the jump.

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