Greg Norman, Chris Evert End 15-Month Marriage

Well, that was quick. Only 15 months after tying the knot, Greg Norman & Chris Evert have untied it.

Greg Norman Chris Evert

(And they said it wouldn’t last. And they were right!)

The golf champ & tennis star, both 54, were engaged in South Africa in December in 2007 and married in the Bahamas the following June. But their union is now dissolved, completed with a released statement stating, “We will remain friends and supportive of one another’s family.”

Such a shock to see such a strong coupling come up short - well, it would be, if you didn’t know the circumstances of how the happy couple came to be.

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Brog: Suddenly Curvy Kournikova Denies Implants

The LONDON DAILY MAIL has a recent photo of the stunning transformation of Anna Kournikova, taken in Miami at a fashion show:

Anna Kournikova

The suddenly busty Kournikova has long fought off rumors of an eating disorder thanks to her oft-emaciated appearance in recent years. Here’s a pic of her in 2005:

Anna Kournikova

Yes, that’s the same woman. That’s the biggest boob growth I’ve seen since I started monitoring Red Sox home attendance figures after 2004.

And for the record, Anna claims her transformation isn’t the result of a boob job or any other artificial enhancement.

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Chris Evert Finally Admits To Sordid Shark Affair

It’s been a topsy-turvy kind of day for Greg Norman to say the least, after losing his 2-shot lead going into the final round. Luckily, later on tonight he will be able to forget his worries in the ample comforting bosom of wife and ADMITTED(!) HOME(!) WRECKER(!) Chris Evert.

Greg Norman Chris Evert

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare is over. We can all sleep well at night now that we know — for a fact! — that the real reason behind both Evert’s and Norman’s divorces was because of the hot and sticky passion of their loins. NEWS.COM.AU has all the sordid details after the jump.

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Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: Let’s Get It On (Later)

• DEADSPIN tells us about the marriage of the year (if the year was 1982): Chris Evert and Greg Norman.

Chris Evert Greg Norman wedding

• We now know how to tell if she’s got real ones or fake ones. Unfortunately, it involves NFL jerseys. Still, good to know.

David Stern shaking hands == Tiger Woods giving high-fives.

• We’re so glad to hear Enrique Iglesias can find work. Over there. Not here. Singing the Euro 2008 official song. We assume that the Euro 2008 official song is “National Team in a Coma” in honor of England’s inability to attend. Read more…