Blog Jam: Eddy Curry Would Make a Fine Gymnast

• YAHOO’s BALL DON’T LIE showcases the winners of their fun photoshop contest featuring Eddy Curry as an Olympic gymnast.

Eddy Curry gymnast photoshop

• ESPN reports that the Milwaukee Bucks will face the Golden State Warriors in two exhibition games in China this October. This would make a lot more sense had Yi Jianlian not been traded to the Nets.

• L.A. BALLS bounces along news that despite their popularity with fans, the USC football team will not be sporting black jerseys anytime soon.

• THE SPORTS DOLLAR cashes in with their helpful guide to the Six Types of Sports Bloggers.

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Blog-O-Rama: ‘Hawks, Wings To Meet At Wrigley

• The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE takes it outside, as the Blackhawks and Red Wings will reportedly meet at Wrigley Field next season.

Blackhawks Red Wings

• HOLLYWOOD GRIND churns out a statement from Madonna denying that she’s been bedding or brainwashing A-Rod.

• Meanwhile, HOLLYWOOD ECSTASY spots Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian spending their 4th of July shopping at her family’s store.

• The DETROIT FREE PRESS hears that Charlie Weis is privately positive that Notre Dame will win 9 to 12 games this year.

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Blog-A-Roni: Miss America Tosses One For Tigers

• While those in the Beltway got to boo G.W. Bush, THE WORLD OF ISAAC notes that fans in Comerica Park had a better view, as the Tigers had Miss America Kirsten Haglund throw out the first pitch.

Miss America Tigers first pitch

Watch out for those candid cameras, Kirsten!

• DEADSPIN doesn’t sleep on the news that one lucky bidder can own Michael Jordan’s old waterbed.

• CHICAGO BULL can’t wait to sign up for the Chris Duhon Basketball Camp.

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