Frank Might Have Caught Knight Tirade On Tape

Add our name to interested parties for the soon-to-be vacancy down in Bloomington.

Nets coach Lawrence Frank may have been the one who caught Bobby Knight’s ‘91 locker room tirade on tape.

Bob Knight Lawrence Frank yelling

Hey, baseball fans: Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! (You, too, NFL fans!)

The Baby Boss bawls over baseball being “singled out” over steroids use.

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Sprewell Chokes Away $400K House, 70-Ft. Yacht

The ASSOCIATED PRESS gets all choked up on the failing financial fortunes of Latrell Sprewell. The ex-NBA player recently had his house foreclosed on and his yacht auctioned off.

Latrell Sprewell will hoop for food

Citizens Bank has foreclosed on the $405,000 suburban Milwaukee home, claiming that Sprewell still owes almost $300,000 on the house, and that he hasn’t made any mortgage payments since September 2007. Meanwhile, Spree’s 70-foot sloop, the “Milwaukee’s Best”, was sold off for $856,000 - still about $500,000 short of what North Fork Bank says is owed to them.

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