I Have Four Words For You: Chimp On A Segway

All right, so maybe this post isn’t strictly sports-related, but if we can do rat basketball we can do this. Besides, I think after you watch the video you’ll forgive me. Straight from the land of Ham Fighters and bug death matches, comes this truly amazing find. Since you’re probably wary of anything hyped on the internet, I’ll use the power of understatement: this video will change your life.

Chimp Golfing

(There are many underappreciated chimp athletes out there.)

Note: I had to fight the urge to write this entire post in all caps, with four exclamation points at the end of each sentence. But indulge me just this once: OH MY GOD THAT CHIMP IS RIDING A SEGWAY!!!! (Video, of course, after the jump.)

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