Is Dwight Howard’s Baby Momma A Gold Digger?

No, we didn’t call her a straight-out whore, just one for attention. But the story isn’t that the mother of an athlete’s illegitimate child is seeking media attention. No, it’s how she’s doing: By explicitly claiming that she isn’t.

royce reed dwight howard girlfriend magic

The latest example of Royce Reed — that’s the Baby Momma in question –  and her sideline celebrity complex came Thursday night, while the father of her child was on the court in Cleveland. During Orlando’s Game 5 loss, Reed responded almost real time to a tweet sent out by Robert Littal, the blogger and tweeter who has a tendency to go for the jugular of athletes and their social lives. Essentially, here’s what went down: Littal tweeted that Howard knocked up the first girl who would jump in bed with him, and she happened to be a cheerleader, then Reed responded to Littal saying that she and Howard had a legitimate relationship.

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T-Mac’s Baby Mama Wants Her Kid Spoiled Too

Most of us can pretty much guess that if you’re the kid of a star athlete, you’ve got it pretty darn good. Now, we get a bit of a look at just how good it can get, thanks to Tracy McGrady’s baby mama, Pearl Vega, and her aim to get the same lifestyle for their daughter that McGrady’s other kids enjoy.

Tracy McGrady

The SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE informs us that the Houston Rockets star will be paying just over $54K a year to Vega. Not surprisingly, Vega wanted much more per year (in the $200,000+ range) than the amount the judge awarded.

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Rooftop Ravens Rooter Deemed a Deadbeat Dad

The BALTIMORE SUN learns the real reason why a Ravens fan would camp out on the roof of a local bar:

Ron Stach Ravens roof fan

To escape child support payments.

Ron Stach gained some publicity for himself and the Canton Station bar when he vowed to stay on the roof until the Ravens won a game, or until coach Brian Billick got fired.

Even though neither has occurred yet, Stach came down on Christmas Day. A few days later, police arrested Ron for failing to appear in court for a child support case.

Stach’s ex-wife Kelly alerted authorities to the fan’s deadbeat-dad ways, saying that he owes her over $43,000 for their now 18-year-old son.

Money 20s

Kelly remarked, “I just think it’s horrible that everyone out there thought he was this great supporter of the Ravens, and he hasn’t supported his own kid in the last 18 years.”

Meanwhile, the bar’s owner says he’s going to be more cautious about such publicity stunts in the future: “Any goof who wants to go on this roof, we’re going to do a background check from now on.”

Matt Leinart Enjoying Quality Time With Kid From Ex-Girfriend

LEINART FOLLOWING BRADY’S FOOTSTEPS IN CHILD CARE: Jut like fellow NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Matt Leinart enjoys spending time with his ex-girlfriend’s kid:

Matt Leinart Brynn Cameron

KABC-TV in L.A. follows up on the former USC Heisman winner visiting with son, Cole. The youngster was the result of liaisons between Leinart and current USC basketball player Brynn Cameron during his days on campus.Leinart laments being away from his offspring, telling the cameras, “I wish I could be there every day helping, but for my job, my career, it’s just tough. I don’t think I could do what she’s doing and do such a great job at it.”

Brynn Cameron Cole Leinart Kid

With the Cardinals QB coughing up $15,000 a month in child support payments, Matt’s just making sure his money is well spent.He has to be more fiscally cautious nowadays, since selling his Arizona home to Amare Stoudamire at a $500,000 loss.