YOU Get An Olympics! And YOU Get An Olympics!

The city of Chicago has spent the past year (at least) being repeatedly hit over the head with propaganda extolling the city’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Advertisements are everywhere - unless you’ve seen it yourself, you cannot possibly fathom how saturated the city is. There are recorded messages on the ‘L’, banners on seemingly every other building, and commercials looping on giant video boards around The Loop, just to nail a few. It’s all got a very Orwellian vibe to it and at this point, most people you talk to around town just want it to go away, Olympics or no Olympics.

Oprah Winfrey Olympics Chicago

Then again, most people you talk to around town aren’t the ones pushing for the Games. The rich and powerful have lined up to throw their formidable support behind Chicago’s bid - President Obama, Mayor Daley, Michael Jordan - basically every Chicago heavyweight you can name has done something to ensure that the overblown steroidfest comes to the Windy City in 7 years. And now, with the race for the Games coming to a close October 2 in Copenhagen, Chicago is pulling out the trump card to trump all trump cards.

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Dwyane Wade’s New $1.7M Chicago Townhouse

Dwyane Wade has always embraced his hometown of Chicago. He played his college ball just up Interstate 94 in Milwaukee and he’s made his South Side roots the cornerstone of his public persona. He’s connected enough to his hometown that rumors fly every year about Wade potentially getting traded to the Bulls; it just seems to make sense to people.

Dwyane Wade Chicago Townhouse

So, what kind of place would a celebrity Chicago native (and housing market expert) be expected to use as a swingin’ bachelor pad during his time back in his hometown? For Dwyane Wade, the answer is evidently this newly-remodeled $1.7 million townhome in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. We’ve got the virtual tour; decide after the jump whether it looks like a great place for a weed-smoking sex party to you.

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Could Golf Be Coming To 2016 Summer Olympics?

When the first occurrence of the modern Summer Olympics was held in Athens in 1896, the Games’ organizers intended the Olympics to bring the people of the world together and promote ethics and goodwill amongst mankind. The Olympic Games wasn’t put together by a marketing firm or television network. It didn’t answer to shareholders. Throughout its history (perhaps most notably in 1936 and 1968), it has helped raise awareness of social issues not by premade PSA TV spots, but by athletes taking hard stands against oppression.

Fat Golfers

(Every 4 years, the world’s elite athletes converge…)

Those days are of course long gone, if they ever truly existed. Between political protest (1980 and 1984), commercialism (the Games have been a majorly profitable enterprise since 1984), and the everpresent steroids issue, the Olympics have become nothing more than an overproduced commercial product designed to maximize TV ratings and profits. How else could you explain the International Olympic Committee’s decision to consider adding golf to the 2016 (Chicago!) Summer Olympics?

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The Allegedly True Michael Irvin Strip Club Story

Without a doubt, Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin has been one of the most flamboyant personalities in sports over the past 25 years. Whether one discusses his incredible football abilities, his even more incredible mouth, his affinity for drugs, his attempts to stab teammates, or his generosity to those in need, there’s a larger-than-life Michael Irvin story for nearly every occasion.

Michael Irvin

Well, add another one to the pile.  Last night, I’m following blogging maestro Spencer Hall’s live-Tweeting of Michael Irvin’s new show, 4TH AND LONG, when my memory jogs and I casually ask him, “Hey, did I ever tell you about the time Michael Irvin picked up our tab at the strip club?” You can see where this is headed.

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Oprah’s Next Big Endorsement: Chicago Olympics

If the International Olympic Committee is anything like Oprah Winfrey’s stay-at-home mom audience, Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid is a shoo-in. Her Midas Touch has made Dr. Phil a wealthy man, given Barack Obama a huge boost in his quest for the Presidency and now she’s helping Chicago pitch its bid for the 2016 Olympic games.

Tickets for seats at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion will be distributed today beginning at noon at the park for Wednesday’s taping of an “The Oprah Winfrey Show” episode featuring swimming sensation Michael Phelps.

Phelps will be joined by more than 150 Olympic medal athletes, including gymnast Nastia Liukin, swimmer Dara Torres, basketball player Kobe Bryant and beach volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. Read more…

Chicago’s Soldier Field Host To Cornhole Classic

Last year it was “Who’s Now?” This year it’s “Title Town” for ESPN who are continuing their tradition of creating new ways for you to hate watching Sports Center in the summer.

Soldier Field

Yesterday’s installment of Title Town took us to Chicago. The Worldwide Leader put together a package that included the city’s big achievements; Jordan and the Bulls, the 1986 Bears, the White Sox’s World Series run in 2005, etc. Unfortunately, the latest championship to be crowned in the hallowed halls of Soldier Field was left out of the segment. I’m of course talking about Solder Field Cornhole Classic held yesterday. Read more…

Ozzie, Pinella Tape Spot For Used Car Dealership

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and Cubs manager Lou Pinella have been making headlines on their own for some time.

Ozzie Guillen Lou Pinella

Now rumor has it that both of them will be appearing together–in a car commercial. Read more…

Chicago Is Not the Favorite for 2016 Olympics?

Peter Ueberroth, the man that taught American sports leagues to lean on corporations for cash when he sold the 1984 Olympics up the river, has advised the media and the leaders of the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics that Chicago isn’t remotely in the lead for the honor of hosting the Games.

Peter Ueberroth

Of course, Uberroth didn’t list the reasons why he believes Chicago has lagged behind some of the other cities or where Chicago might truly rank. Why, you don’t think Peter’s looking for more money from the city and from private donors, do you? Naaaaah. Read more…

Chicago Women’s Soccer Squad To Make A Stink?

That is, they might stink. The new Chicago franchise of the WPS (Women’s Professional Soccer) doesn’t have any players yet, so it’s hard to tell if their talent deserves the pejorative term. In fact, the team doesn’t even have a name and there’s the rub.

Heather Mitts

(You tell Heather Mitts that she stinks.)

RED CARD noted the promotion’s announcement a week ago, but voting finally opened this week for the Chicago team’s contest encouraging the wise and thoughtful denizens of the Internet to vote on the name for the new team from a list provided by the team. One of the suggestions is the Chicago Stinking Onions. Naturally.

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ESPN Head On Last Night’s Wrigleyville Bar Scene

Yes, it was cold last night in Chicago’s Wrigleyville district, and ESPN was apparently there to cover it all:

ESPN Plummeting Temperatures Mean Frozen Balls