Brian Giles Says Brian Giles Is Not A Lady Beater

Okay, sure, things look bad for Brian Giles when his ex-girlfriend, Cheri Olverafiled a $10 million suit against him for child support and damages from domestic violence. Oh, and things looked worse after video was released of him allegedly attacking her in a 2006 incident.

Giles At Bat
(Unfortunately, “I beat sliders not women raaaaargh” was not a sound legal defense.)

By the way, when we say “damages” from domestic assault, we’re not talking about a broken vase or something material and replaceable; according to the lawsuit, Giles’ abuse caused two miscarriages. Good god. But Brian Giles isn’t worried, you see. Not when, according to the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, he’s sure what this suit is really about: the money.

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Domestic Abuse Suit For Brian Giles Of All People

It’s never a good sign when a pro athlete is repeatedly referred to as “defendant.” But that’s where seemingly mild-mannered Brian Giles finds himself this morning, as the target of a lawsuit from his former girlfriend who alleges he beat her so severely she suffered a miscarriage.

Brian Giles

Via the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, Cheri Olvera is seeking $10 million from the Padres outfielder, with whom she lived for six years until they broke up earlier this year. The suit claims he failed to live up to an agreement to provide for her and her and her daughter, and recounts four separate incidents of domestic violence.

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