HS Uniform Budget Goes Into Strippers’ G-Strings

Some high school football coaches use money from booster clubs to take the team out for pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. Some use it to defray the costs of taking the team to away games. Then, there’s James Atkins. He uses it to go to strip clubs. I suppose the only good thing to be said about that is that he didn’t take the team with him.

stripper football uniform

(A better combination of football uniforms and strippers)

Atkins, a former coach and president of the Chelsea High School football team’s booster club, was indicted on 10 counts of larceny for stealing $10,000 meant to go toward the team’s uniforms, including “the withdrawal of $500 from an ATM right next door to the Squire men’s club at 1 in the morning,” according to a Boston assistant district attorney, in what is likely the most awesome quote of that ADA’s life. (Details and mug shot after the jump.)

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