Feminists Balk At NCAA’s “Competitive Cheering”

You might recall that a few months ago, the University of Connecticut banned its cheerleaders from doing physically strenuous gymnastic activities, trying to avoid the specter of serious injury or any other calamity that may befall one of the young ladies or men. You’d think, in this increasingly litigious society, that such a move would be adopted by more and more NCAA schools. And you’d be wrong.

Bring It On
(This is totally what they mean, right?)

As a natter of fact, the exact opposite is true; as the TITLE IX BLOG notes, there are now six schools with competitive cheerleading - well, five, actually; Oregon decided to get cute and call it “stunt and gymnastics,” but c’mon - and NCAA recognition isn’t far away.

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HS Cheerleading More Dangerous Than Sports

Cheerleading is stupid. That’s not to say we don’t like cheerleaders - big fans of ‘em, obviously - but the idea that leading cheers for sports is somehow worthy of sporthood itself is patently ludicrous. Pro cheerleaders get it - they’re there to look purty and smile and show up to PR events. College cheerleaders get it less so, but most of the one’s we’ve known never took themselves too seriously.

Laura Jackson

(High school cheerleading should not end like this.)

Then there’s high school cheerleading, a wholly different category. Despite what its fans would have you believe, it is not a sport…and hell, it’s more ‘Melrose Place’ than extracurricular activity anyway, with all the sex, drugs, and violence. On top of that, a new report says that it is also an incredibly dangerous activity for girls, with a high risk for “catastrophic injury.”And yet, it’s more popular than ever. What gives?

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Cheerleading Now A Scholarship Sport In Oregon

Anyone who follows college sports knows that the University of Oregon’s athletic department, with its Nike connections, has a lot of money at its disposal. How much? So much that the school is now handing out scholarships for its new competitive cheerleading team.

Oregon cheerleaders

(They deserve a scholarship, right? They’re more entertaining than the fencing team.)

While the university does have seemingly endless financial resources, all this actually has more to do with the fact that Oregon reinstated its baseball team this year than anything else. Title IX requires that the school add the same number of scholarships for women that the baseball team uses. And I guess the school was out of ideas for more women’s sports, so they decided that a varsity cheer team was a good enough idea. Here’s to hoping they get good coaching on how to properly operate a t-shirt cannon.

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HS Cheer Coach Gets 6 Months For Sex w/Student

A former high school cheerleading coach in Arizona has been sentenced after pleading guilty to three counts of Mark Chmura.

Jennifer Mally cheerleader coach

And since the adult in question is female, she’s enjoying an unusual amount of support from her community. Read more…

Chinese Cheerleading Catching On for Olympics?

While HOME RUN DERBY faithfully covered the cheerleading experience during the Padres/Dodgers visit to Beijing, we are proud to declare this is not an isolated event in China. The MAIL & GUARDIAN dutifully reports the growth in cheerleading in China and the effort to have cheerleaders at Olympic events.

Chinese cheerleading boom

The Chinese Basketball Association introduced China to cheerleading when it mimicked its American counterpart and replaced its amateur gymnastics with the type of cheerleaders NBA fans have come to know well. The practice has spread across numerous sports in China, but the people have not embraced the ladies or their work yet. Read more…