Nuggets Announcer’s Pants Suddenly Feel Funny

Great video find today by FANIQ, which has Nuggets TV announcer Chris Marlowe (yeah, the volleyball guy) in need of some CPR after watching Nugs Cheerleader Bridget’s boobies bounce all over the place:

Bouncing Nuggets Cheerleader Bridget Makes Chris Marlowe's Pants Feel Funny

(Announcer: “*GULP* … A festive atmosphere tonight!”)

Marlowe is the primary Olympic Beach Volleyball announcer for NBC, so you would think he’s seen that a few times before on-camera. But Bridget still took him to 7-Eleven on the shot (”Big Gulp”).

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Blog-O-Rama: Personalized Pats Cheerleader Pics

• WITH LEATHER glosses over the Patriots’ latest revenue stream: selling autographed photos of 18-year-old cheerleader Rebecca Lewis.

18-year-old Pats cheerleader signed photo

• MR. IRRELEVANT writes out AOL FANHOUSE’s partnership with Fantasy Sports Girls has turned into a blogosphere nightmare.

• Speaking of chicks ‘n’ sports, new blog PLAYING THE FIELD offers opinions on athletics from fans of the female persuasion.

Mike Chappell of the INDIANAPOLIS STAR learns that an absent Colts tackle is apparently retiring after only 1 year. With a name like Quinn Pitcock, we’d retire, too.

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Knicks Hold Open Tryouts For City Dancers Squad

Since we already (un)covered the trials & tribulations of lovely L.A. ladies trying to become Laker Girls, it’s only fair that we also investigate the NBA cheerleader auditions for an Eastern Conference team.

Knicks City Dancers auditions

Courtesy of the good folks at, we take a gander at some babes from the Big Apple hoping for selection to the New York Knicks City Dancers squad. These particular pics were from last weekend’s open tryout at the Garden.

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Cheeky Cheerleader Photos Cause Coach To Quit

• Provocative photos of CFL cheerleaders cause a coach to call it quits.

CFL cheerleaders

• Coming to a college campus near you - NCAA-regulated beach volleyball.

LeBron James promises the U.S. will win basketball gold once again.

• Unfortunately for swimmer Jessica Hardy, her chances for Olympic glory have been sunk by a failed drug test.

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