Kings Dancers Brave Cold To Finish Photo Shoot

I could end this day by giving you a rousing recap of today’s bowl-game action and UConn’s thrilling overtime hoops win over Gonzaga, but screw it. Instead, I’m bringing you some video of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team making a calendar.

Kings dance team photo shoot

The exploits of this particular dance team have been well-covered, so it’s only natural to want to check in and see what they’re up to every once in a while. And you will be impressed, as the ladies braved temperatures below 40 degrees to get their 2009 calendar completed in time. That’s dedication, folks.

Video after the jump.

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Ravens Cheerleaders In D.R. For Calendar Shoot

The Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, easily the only thing worth liking about Baltimore, are down in Punta Cana working on their new calendar for 2008. And while they may not be doing it with an eye on the environment, they’ll still help me keep track of what month it is all the same.

Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders

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Eagles Gals Saving The World One Bikini At A Time

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have been such a great service to mankind, with their sideline dancing and lingerie calendars and such. And now, in addition to being providers of alluring entertainment, the Philly pom-pom girls are doing their part to save the environment.

Eagles cheerleaders in bikinis

WITH LEATHER sorts & separates the news that this year’s cheerleader bikini calendar is going to be eco-friendly - or as the Eagles prefer to put it, eco-sexy! (With more pics after the jump.)

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