Search for the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers Begins

We’ve already provided you with some in-depth coverage of the NBA’s Lakers and Knicks exhausting search to fill their dance team rosters, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we failed to mention the efforts of the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

Florida Panthers Ice Dancers

This weekend, the search begins for the 2008-09 Florida Panthers Ice Dancers. According to the audition flyer found on the team’s Web site, the Panthers are looking for “talented, beautiful, charismatic and well-spoken ladies.” It sure will be tough to find beautiful girls in Miami.

Ladies, in case you’re wondering what you should wear to the tryouts the Panthers suggest the following attire:

- Sports bra or crop top (Top should show your stomach)
- Hot pants, shorts or swim suit bottoms with tights
- Dance sneakers or dance shoes.

No need to bring your skates though, “Ice Dancers” is just a clever name. Fortunately for everyone involved, you won’t be anywhere near the ice. Video of what ice dancing looks like without the ice is after the jump.

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Knicks Hold Open Tryouts For City Dancers Squad

Since we already (un)covered the trials & tribulations of lovely L.A. ladies trying to become Laker Girls, it’s only fair that we also investigate the NBA cheerleader auditions for an Eastern Conference team.

Knicks City Dancers auditions

Courtesy of the good folks at, we take a gander at some babes from the Big Apple hoping for selection to the New York Knicks City Dancers squad. These particular pics were from last weekend’s open tryout at the Garden.

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So Many Laker Girls, So Little Time & Cameras

While the dorkier factions among us were waking up early Saturday morning to stand in line and see The Dark Knight — which was awesome, by the way — Adam Rose over at the LA TIMES LAKERS BLOG woke up for a completely different and much nobler pursuit: Watching auditions for the 2008-2009 Laker Girls!

Lakers Girls Tryouts pic 1

Lucky for us, Adam was kind enough to document the historic event from just about every angle possible. Our favorite photo of the group, and our new desktop image, after the jump.

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Laker Girl Tryouts Dancing Our Way This Saturday

Attention, ladies of Southern California! Think you have what it takes to entertain Jack Nicholson & other only-there-to-be-seen celebrity fans at Staples Center this season? Well, now’s your chance to dance!

Three Laker Girls

The Los Angeles Lakers will be holding tryouts this Saturday for their 2008 edition of the Laker Girls. Hopeful honeys willing to shake it like a Polaroid picture in front of Kobe & crew need to report to the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, CA, at 9 a.m. sharp.

However, any ogling Laker fans looking to get a sneak-peek preview of this season’s squad are out of luck. Read more…

Drop $60 For Leg Up On Grizzlies Cheer Hopefuls?

We consider it our duty as your humble blogger to monitor as many NBA cheerleader blogs as possible. It’s our burden, but we bear it as well as we can. However, while “doing research” last night, we came across an offer for Grizzlies Dance Team Workshops. At first, we thought it might be a quaint seminar like athletes do with kids all the time.

Memphis Grizzlies Dance Team 2007 tryouts

Then we saw the ad copy: “Want an advantage over the competition? Sign up for Workshops and Pre-Audition Classes. Classes are only $25 each or you can sign up for all four classes for $60 (a savings of $40).”

We sure hope this isn’t an intimation of any kind. “Gosh, if you really want to get a chance at being a Grizzlies Dancer, you really should get in on this class. We’d hate to see anything hold you back… and here’s how to get your Grizzlies Dance Team thetas clear…”
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Blog-A-Roni: Favre To Be Featured On Madden XX

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING hikes along word that the cover boy for Madden’s 20th anniversary edition will be …

Madden XX Brett Favre

Brett Favre?

• Speaking of the QB, PRO FOOTBALL TALK sends a friendly reminder that he’ll be on David Letterman tonight (well, not *on* him, but on his show). We still hope they use this Top Ten list.

• It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE takes a peek at the Houston Texans cheerleader tryouts.

• DEADSPIN learns that Terrell Owens‘ legal beagles are going after over his appearance in a porn-related photo.

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Blog-Some: Painful Sunday For Texas Asst. Coach

Sunday’s loss to Kansas was painful for Texas. Just ask this Longhorns assistant coach who gets a tap to the testicles from one of his players.

YAHOO SPORTS’ BALL DON’T LIKE dresses down one angry Blazers fan who’s ready to kill over his (or her) missing sweatshirt.

TIRICO SUAVE tosses over an amusing video compilation of Cuba Gooding Jr. ruining Jeff George’s NFL comeback.

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