Flu Shot Cheerleader — Tragic Illness, Or Hoax?

This story is commonly called “the flu shot cheerleader hoax” around the Internets, and I suppose that’s to be expected during a month when the Balloon Boy made a monkey out of Wolf Blitzer and about half of the planet. But I’m having trouble finding a motive for aspiring Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings to be faking her very dramatic symptoms that she says were brought on by a flu vaccination shot.

Desiree Jennings

Jennings, a “Washington Redskins ambassador,” whatever that means, says that she got a flu shot at a Reston, Va. Safeway, and a week later developed a rare neurological condition with no cure. Jennings now has trouble walking or forming sentences; except, strangely, when she’s running. Then she seems fine. Thus the charges of a hoax, I guess.

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