Redskins Cheerleader Car Wash Promo Is A Bit Off

Promotion is a tricky game. Often the usual virtues of ethics and nuance are mere weaknesses, barriers to the type of bombast and distraction that can really grab a viewer’s attention. By this, of course, we mean exclamation points and boobs.

(Please pay attention to the ladies and not the fine print.)

In this world, then, Dan Snyder is a veritable genius, building his team’s fortunes with a generous helping of T&A. That’s teamspirit and attitudecommapositive, if you were wondering. Oh, and sweet, glorious, misleading promotion. For example, the ‘Skins are turning their cheerleaders into car wash bunnies for a promotion, which is exactly the way 2/3 of my pornographic collection starts (I’m what they call a “niche” viewer). Only problem is… well, there’s multiple problems.

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