A-Rod’s Been Doing Steroids Since High School?

A-Rod may have been taking steroids since his high school playing days.

Alex Rodriguez in high school

• The Baltimore Sun tells two of their writers that they’ve been fired - as they’re working in press row in the middle of an Orioles game.

• It seems that Derek Jeter is the only one these days who can afford those new $850,000 Yankee Stadium luxury suites.

• If you don’t yell “Fore!”, don’tworry - you’re not legally responsible for any damages done to other golfers.

• Swine flu is affecting the sports landscape like some kind of epidemic.

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Pitcher Trading in MLB Dreams For Preacherhood

Charlie Ruud is a star pitcher for the St. Paul Saints. (You may recognize the team from its various wacky promotions - the Michael Vick dog chew toy, for one.) During his four seasons with the Minnesota-based minor league club, Ruud has set team records for the most wins (32), most starts (60) and most innings played (397).

Charlie Ruud

But Charlie may soon be giving up his dreams of major league glory so he can answer an even bigger call-up.

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