Lance Armstrong Is Not Fazed By “Syringe Man”

During the Tour of California, Lance Armstrong was visited along the route by “Syringe Man,” who appears to be an Andy Richter lookalike dressed up like some sort of evil Charlie Brown. And I know what you’re thinking: There’s another cycling race other than the Tour de France? I just thought they all came out of the woodwork in July for that whole thing then just went back on the shelf the rest of the year.

syringe man Lance Armstrong

Anyway, Syringe Man didn’t make it that far, as Armstrong shoved him aside into a roadside snow pile. Good grief.

Photos of the smackdown after the jump

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Olympians Can’t Deal With Life “On The Outside”

As Red from The Shawshank Redemption found out, life can be tough on the outside world. Olympic athletes have learned the same thing, as the NEW YORK TIMES reports that many of them have trouble adjusting to life outside of athletics. (Which is not to compare Olympians to convicted criminals - except maybe for Michael Phelps, or Marion Jones, or…) The story quotes noted sports psychologist Charlie Brown from FPS Performance as saying that the post-Olympics can be “a very fragile situation” for many elite athletes.

Lucy gets Charlie Brown again

First off, a sports psychologist named Charlie Brown? Are you serious? I’m sure he can help you overcome any problem, as long as it doesn’t involve any of the following: Kicking a football before some shrill harpy pulls it away; Getting over the embarrassment of having your uniform, shoes & socks be knocked off by a comebacker up the middle; Or anything to do with rafting.

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