Cap Caused Foyt Crash; Danica’s Dent Sent Home

A.J. Foyt IV was scorching at Speedway on Sunday, as the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Indianapolis 500 hopeful was on fire - literally.

AJ Foyt IV car on fire

Just after barely securing a qualifying spot for next weekend’s Indy 500, Foyt was making a practice run ’round the oval, when flames shot out from the back of his vehicle, causing him to hit the wall.

It’s likely that Foyt was fuming a bit when he found out what fanned the flameout (with video of the crash after the jump). Read more…

Blog Jam: Danica Not Blamed For Buckman Bump

• USA TODAY’s GAME ON races over word that Danica Patrick won’t be held responsible for Friday’s accident that sent a pit crewman to the hospital.

Danica Patrick

In the meantime, Charles Buckman is still being held for observation after suffering a fractured skull & brain hemorraging.

• THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS is shattered that Jack Glasscock is still not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

• JOE SPORTS FAN honors those players who paved the way for memorable home runs - by getting on base beforehand.

• And THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE expects even more remarkable base-clearers in the near future, as starting pitching is becoming pathetic.

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Crewman Falls Head Over Heels For Danica Patrick

A pit crewman at Friday’s Indianapolis 500 practice fell head over heels for Danica Patrick - mainly because she accidentally ran over him.

Danica Patrick stretching

WISH-TV reports that Charles Buckman, a crewman of Dale Conye Racing, was hit by Patrick as she was making a pit stop. Buckman was reportedly looking for another Indy Car racer, and he didn’t see Danica pulling in until it was too late. (Video after the jump.) Read more…