Brog: Karl Soon to Make Marx @ Yankee Stadium?

My first full weekend in Los Angeles will hopefully be a relatively quiet one. I’ve been traveling it seems non-stop the past three months. Still working on setting up shoots with three new SbB Girls. And making plans for the MLB All-Star game in NYC - I’ll be there live blogging throughout.

Gotten a couple dozen emails from people wanting more pics of SbB Girl Cora Skinner. I posted this one last night. Here’s another new one of her, with Melissa Smith, and Alex at ESPN Radio:

SbB Girls ESPN Radio Cora Skinner Melissa Smith Alex

Speaking of hotties, SbB legend and UTEP basketball player Claudia Porras is wintering back in her home country of Bolivia. Here’s a new pic:

Claudia Porras

SbB Girl Charity Shea, who has her own show now on the cable net “The-N”, has several fan sites. The most prominent one has a photo background that looks awfully familiar!

Charity Shea Fan Site SbB Photo

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that New York Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh has proposed a bill to force New York sports franchises to charge less for games if those teams receive public funding for their stadiums.

Yankees Fan Hot Blonde

(Seriously, some people just don’t deserve a discount)

Excerpt: “The legislation would require that 7% of a stadium’s seating be “affordable” to low- and moderate-income fans.”

This legislation comes right as the Yankees are trying to get $350M more in public funds to complete the construction of their new ballpark. What a coincidence!

Funny, I doubt that discount will apply to the guitar-shaped calamari.

I chuckled when I heard Javon Walker’s clunky version of his alleged assault and robbery. Now the Bellagio, which sports 2,000 cameras on the hotel property, is disputing Walker’s lawyer’s story. Read more…

Brog: Jenner Adores SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl Cora

Had several people today email me links to photos of SbB Girl Cora Skinner and Brody Jenner on the beach in Hawaii. I haven’t been following Cora’s career that closely the past couple years, but apparently she’s been an item for some time with gentleman Jenner - and his rather regrettable ink job:

Cora Skinner Brody Jenner Hawaii Beach Pics

Cora has done a lot of modeling over the years, mainly for print ads. She’s also dabbled in acting and appeared in the Lingerie Bowl - before it turned into fiasco.

SbB Girl Cora Skinner

(SbB Girl Cora Skinner - appeared in “The Office”)

You may have seen a couple other SbB Girls on TV or in the theater as well in the past year.

Melissa Smith appeared in a couple reality shows, and Charity Shea, after playing Justin Timberlake’s love interest in the film “Alpha Dog”, now has her own show on the cable net know as “The-N”.

SbB Girl Melissa Smith

(SbB Girl Melissa Smith - “Pussycat Dolls”, “Making The Band” credits)

When recruiting SbB Girls in the past, I used to be all over the Hollywood scene, but not so much anymore. When evaluating girls for SbB (we get several submissions now per week), I’m more focused on if I think our readers will enjoy their photos - and want to come back for more.

That’s not to say that Cora, Melissa and Charity haven’t been popular on the site, it’s just that our more recent crop of girls have been wildly popular with users.

SbB Girl Charity Shea

(SbB Girl Charity Shea - starred opposite Justin Timberlake in “Alpha Dog”)

And like I said earlier this week, I hope to put out some calendars, posters and wallpapers of our most popular girls before the year is out (God knows, we’ve had thousands of requests over the years). Let me know your feedback or ideas on that sort of thing.

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER notes today that Dennis Rodman, Dustin Diamond, Butterbean and Danny Bonaduce will take part in CMT’s upcoming reality series, “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.”

Hulk Hogan And Hottie

I highly doubt any of that will happen, since there’s no way such an event would ever take place without Jose Canseco’s participation.

More breaking news out of Miami today about Bill Parcells and Jason Taylor (actually, it’s not all that interesting, I just wanted an excuse to post the below pic).

Bill Parcells Fatty Golf

(Casting for New Line Cinemas’ much-anticipated Colin Montgomerie biopic)

Parcells and Taylor have FINALLY had a face-to-face. And no, sign language was not a requirement. Read more…