McCourts Extort Players’ “Donations” To Charity

We all know that Los Angeles Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt are business visionaries, using maverick techniques to lead the team to a few games over .500 an NL West title. We also know just where they stand on charity service versus selfishly hording money. Now they’ve found a way to combine both into one giant mess: the AP is reporting that they are making charitable donations by players mandatory in future contracts.

Frank McCourt Fought (Green) Tooth And Nail To Complete Ramirez Deal

And they are being thoughtful, too. Instead of forcing players to make a decision on which of their own personal favorite charities to “donate” a percentage of their salary to, they are making it easy by only giving them one option. As it turns it, this just happens to be the Dodgers Dreams Foundation, which just happens to be the official charity arm of the team. Looks like the buffet at the annual bowling night just got upgraded from nachos to chicken wings!

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