Donate Spare Favre Jerseys To Minny’s Homeless

The addition of one Brett Favre to the roster of the Minnesota Vikings has caused much hubbub across the land in recent days; it’s hard to find anyone not named Peter King or nicknamed Chilly who thinks this is all going to end well for either the Vikings or their fans (Favre, of course, will make out like a bandit regardless). Hell, even Favre’s new teammates are less-than-enthusiastic about their new gunslingin’ and interceptin’ QB.

Brett Favre new Jets jersey

(Area homeless man receives Favre jersey.)

And while we’re enjoying a bit of Schadenfreude at the whole enterprise, poor Packer fans are beside themselves. It’s not just that their once-beloved hero is playing for a rival team. No, the real problem is that Wisconsinites have spent millions of dollars on Favre merchandise and paraphenalia over the years. What to do now with it all? Cheeseheads might be tempted to send it all up in flames, but a couple of sports radio guys (”the Wisconsin Guys,” to be exact)  in Madison have a better idea. Give it all to the homeless!

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Yankee Stadium Gives Out Free Food… Sort Of

One of the biggest allures of seeing a baseball game is the food. Sure, all sports’ stadiums sell food of some sort, but only baseball has the deep emotional connection to hot dogs, nachos, and all the other sensory overloaders that come with an evening at the ballpark.

Yankees Hot Dog

So it would seem that the best food - moldy hot dog buns aside - would have to come from Yankee Stadium, right? But how are you going to actually find out without buying a ticket then dropping like $15 on a pretzel or whatever they charge? Well, there is a way to get free food from the game. There’s a tiny, miniscule little catch, though.

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Dwight Howard Padding His Stats For The Children

It’s a pretty common occurrence in sports for the athletes playing the games to pad their stats somewhat. For the most part, fans see this as a selfish act because the player is putting himself before the team, and they’re right. Still, it’s hard to blame a player for this because the difference between a 15 points per game and a 17 points per game average could be a couple of million dollars for a player, which is nothing to sneeze at.

However, it should be pointed out that padding one’s stats is not always a selfish act. In fact, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard openly admits to padding his stats during games sometimes, but it’s not just to maintain his double-double average to make him look good. No, when Dwight stays in a game longer than he needs to so he can get a few more points or rebounds, he’s doing it for the kids.

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Braylon Edwards Kinda Hates Cleveland Fans Now

It has really not been a good six months for Braylon Edwards and the Cleveland Browns. Expectations were sky-high for the fourth-year receiver after he posted some insane numbers in 2007: 1289 yards on 80 catches and 16 scores, all (obviously) career highs. Further, Cleveland went 10-6, barely missing the AFC playoffs, and it looked like their offense was set for years to come.

Braylon catch
(Braylon, in happier times. Like last year.)

Yes, well, not so much. About the only thing Edwards caught this season was a severe case of the dropsies, Derek Anderson struggled mightily under center when he wasn’t getting benched or injured, and the Browns are a lowly 4-10. Clearly, clearly, not what they had in mind. Edwards has managed all of three touchdowns this season, his catches are way down (5 per game in 2007, 3 and a half in 2008), and worst of all, he has engendered some serious hatred from Cleveland fans–so much so that he’s taking his ball and going home. Did I say ball? I mean community service and charity: Read more…

Pat Dye’s Muddy Pantaloons Worth Eight Grand!!!

Let this be a lesson to you, folks. If you’re ever walking along, just minding your own business, and come across a pair of muddy pants lying on the ground, don’t simply pass them up and carry on your merry way. They could be former Auburn football coach Pat Dye’s pants! And they could be worth $8,000!

Pat Dye

LAKE MARTIN MAGAZINE has the story: A miss Shannon McDuffie was walking along the shoreline in the Emerald Shores area when she spotted something strange residing in the muddy embankment below, a pair of plaid golf pants. After bringing them home and cleaning them off, she found a wallet inside that contained Dye’s ID cards.

Leaving aside the obvious question about what kind of person picks up a pair of used golf pants from the mud in the first place, just how did Pat Dye explain away his lost pants?

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Barkley Brings Bucks For Busboy’s College Tuition

Charles Barkley is giving his money away again, and this time to a much nobler cause than going into Steve Wynn’s pockets. The PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports that Sir Charles has decided to fund one special busboy’s college education.

Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta Kiss Race Las Vegas All Star Game

You know, in a way Sir Charles is almost like Robin Hood: He tries to take from the rich, but since he’s not very good at it, he gives to the poor out of his own pocket. So he’s actually better than Robin Hood, even if he probably can’t fire an arrow straight.

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Deeds That Won’t Earn You A Trip To Leavenworth

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE writes up about Raiders player Jarrod Cooper - who could be seen as the anti-Michael Vick.

Raiders' Jarrod Cooper with dog

Cooper has been volunteering at the Oakland Animal Shelter, helping care for abused animals. Since he’s with the Raiders, you’d assume his visits were part of some mandated community service. But Cooper comes on his own accord, as a animal lover who wants to do his part for our four-legged friends.

And it was steroids that brought him to his dogged work.

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Basketball Coach Goes Barefoot For Good Cause

Ron Hunter doesn’t have to worry about sneaker deals, as the college basketball coach recently went barefoot for a game.

IUPUI coach Ron Hunter barefoot

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR bounces over news of Hunter, the IUPUI coach who decided to go shoeless for the Jaguars’ Summit League contest against Oakland. Hunter’s stunt was done to raise awareness for Samaritan’s Feet, an organization aimed at providing footwear for those less fortunate.

Through his long-term efforts, the coach was hoping to eventually collect 40,000 pairs, with many going to African children. By game time, he already reached his goal - and then some.

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A-Rod Charitable Giving Paltry Compared To His Salary

AROD GIVES 1% OUT OF $368,000 RAISED FOR CHARITY: Selena Roberts of the NEW YORK TIMES has a piece today on the burgeoning financial empire of Alex Rodriguez, who turns out to be quite the landlord (he owns 16 apt. complexes) and charitable giver.

Alex Rodriguez

Roberts characterizes everyone’s favorite muscular she-male lover as “an obsessive pursuer of cold, hard numbers on and off the bases, with serially disingenuous nods to his ever-challenged image.“More: “(Rodriguez) isn’t exactly a slumlord … he has become a landlord caricature among dwellers who hold him accountable for, say, the stack of molding mattresses by the dumpster at Newport Villas (in Tampa)

Rodriguez recently doubled late fees to $100 on his $600 per-month units, we guess to make up for the $12M he’s lost in the value of his properties in Tampa alone (oops!).

On the charity front, Roberts chronicles ARod’s donations to his charitable foundation, something called the AROD Family Foundation. While he has earned almost $200M since 1997, in “eight years of available documents, [his] donations averaged $30,000 a year and gifts distributed to the community averaged $13,000 a year.

The best part: In year’s he cleared over $25M in salary alone, Rodriguez did not contribute more than $5,500 in 2002 to the foundation, and in 2006 the foundation “did not give away more than $5,090 despite a fund-raiser that collected $368,000.

School Donates $15,000 For Rival Cheerleader’s Heart Transplant

RIVAL SCHOOL SHOWS HEART IN HELPING CHEERLEADER: When is a football defeat not such a big deal? When your opponent helps out one of your hospitalized cheerleaders:

Savana Coffman cheerleader heart transplant

The WILMINGTON (OH) NEWS-JOURNAL reports that Coldwater defeated Clinton-Massie 63-14 in Ohio high school playoff action. But before the game, Coldwater showed their warm hearts, as the Cavaliers presented a $15,000 check to the family of Savana Coffman.The 15-year-old Clinton-Massie cheerleader has been in the hospital since November 14, when she underwent a heart transplant. Learning that Savana’s family had no insurance, Coldwater students helped raise thousands of dollars to pay for her medical expenses.

The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER adds that Savana’s mother, Tabby, also received the same transplant over a dozen years ago.

With this show of generosity, hearts are beating strong for mother, daughter, and the Coldwater community.

To learn more about Savana’s condition or to donate, visit her Savana Smiles website.