Jim Leyland’s Bingo Playing Days Are Sadly Over

The bingo business has suffered deeply from a major decline in players over the last few years. Consolidations, closings, and severely lowered charitable earnings have plagued the industry. What has been the cause of the industry collapse? (Yes, besides the fact that their core consumer base found “Murder, She Wrote” too edgy and violent.)

Jim Leyland Bingo Playing Days Are Over With No Cigarettes

 (And to think Skip’s deal as Pall Mall pitchman was just about to close!)

The NEW YORK TIMES picks up the meme covered elsewhere recently: if bingo players can’t smoke because of new anti-smoking laws, they don’t want to play bingo anymore. They’ll go to Indian reservations, get online, cross state lines, or just sit quietly with a tiny fire in their hand and wait to die.

We don’t see why the cigarette companies caved on the whole “cigarettes are addictive” matter. Not at all.
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