World Series Ring Cheaper Than Wing Bowl Ring?

Ask any player, and they’ll tell you a championship ring is priceless (at least until they fall behind on their taxes and have to sell it on eBay). But that’s a drippy, sentimental answer. An inquiring public wants to know, how much moolah can you get for one? And can we get a better estimate than from Cash4Gold?

Phillies World Series Ring

Let’s take the most recent ring handed out, the Phillies’ 2008 World Series ring. The team won’t put a dollar figure on the white gold and diamond rings, but that won’t stop a jeweler from appraising it. And would you believe it costs less than the ring given to an eating contest winner?

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Online Champ Ring Pawn Shop Business Booms

Even an economic situation as bad as we’re currently in has some opportunities for profit. CNBC’s Darren Rovell reminds us of this, as he has an interview with a man whose business has never been better even as - perhaps because of - the economy going into the toilet. He’s Tim Robins of Championship Rings, a Web site that buys and sells over 1,200 championship rings from all levels of competition ever year.

Pawn shops and championship rings

Essentially, he’s an Internet pawn shop, focusing on championship rings, giving former players and staff members somewhere to get some quick cash for their treasured memorabilia other than eBay.  And why are people selling their rings? Robins says the reasons are sadly not very surprising.

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