Missouri’s Cell Phone Fail Is Tiger Fan’s Bonanza

Apparently when the majority of us moved into the new millennium, a few unfortunate folks in the Midwest lagged behind and got lost. Those would be administrators in the University of Missouri athletic department, who somehow failed to realize that when you auction off your coaching staff’s old cell phones, it might be wise to erase the personal information therein.

Kansas City Star ad placement

(Unfortunate Ad Placement)

Columbia resident Mike Bellman bought the 25 cell phones for $190, and hilarity ensued. He had planned to sell the phones for parts, but after discovering that they still had stuff on them such as Mike Anderson’s personal texts and emails, he decided to do things the American way and sell them as collector’s items. Read more…

LOL! Florida Cheerleader Sends 35K Txts A Month

These are the people who drive up the price of unlimited texting plans. According to the ORLANDO SENTINEL, one Florida high school cheerleader sent more than 35,000 texts in a single month twice in the past year.

Cheerleaders texting

(OMG! Can you believe Emilee?)

For those of you who are more mathematically inclined, you’ll realize that breaks down to approximately 74 messages per hour, more than one coming or going each minute (once sleep is factored in … assuming she does sleep). And the most amazing thing about young Emilee Cox’s texting? No one seems to mind.

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Shaq’s Kobe Rap Immortalized As Cell Ring Tone

If you’re a Kobe Bryant-hater or a die-hard Shaquille O’Neal fan who drives his sales of 20 albums so far this year, this is right up your alley. A little more than a week after Shaq’s epic (not really) freestyle dis of Kobe made the news, a company called FunMobility is now hawking cell phone ring tones of his recent flow against his old teammate.

Imagine the possibilities of essentially asking the world to tell you how your a$$ tastes every time your phone rings.

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College Hockey Player Busted Thanks To His Mom

Going on a drunken run through someone’s home seems to be a staple, but if you’re going to do it, it’s probably best not to call anyone using the victim’s cell phone. Thanks to Mallory Rubin at SI CAMPUS CLICKS, we are directed to BLUE CHIP SUSPECT, which has the news of a Dartmouth College hockey player’s efforts in avoiding the police.

Adam Estoclet

Adam Estoclet would have had a better chance of escaping an underage drinking/drunk in public arrest if he hadn’t decided it was a great idea to break into a home and use the phone, never mind whom he wound up calling.

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IU AD Falls On Sword After New NCAA Charge

Rick Greenspan probably brought this all on himself — when you hire a coach who’s been busted for recruiting violations before like Kelvin Sampson, you’re going to take the fall if and when he’s accused of violations again.

So now with the NCAA’s recent revealing of a charge against Indiana University for “failing to monitor” the activities of both Sampson and assistant Rob Senderoff regarding phone calls to recruits, Greenspan decided to get out, his resignation effective at the end of the calendar year.

Rick Greenspan motorcycle

(He’ll be riding out of Bloomington with the wind in his hair.)

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports that the NCAA infractions committee handed down the charge because:

…IU failed “to provide the extra close oversight and scrutiny of all aspects of the men’s basketball program that was required by the prior infractions record of the former coach.” That refers to Sampson breaking recruiting rules while in his previous job at Oklahoma. Penalties from those violations followed Sampson to IU.

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More NCAA Heat For Indiana’s Kelvin Sampson

ESPN’s Andy Katz is reporting that Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson may have lied about phone calls when the university self-reported violations, meaning further problems for the beleaguered coach.

Kelvin Sampson

This investigation comes after Sampson had already been punished by the school for more illegal phone calls at IU while he was already on probation for similar offenses at his last coaching gig in Oklahoma.

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Selig’s Call: “It’s Only My Wife, I’ll Punch Her Out”

Bud Selig doesn’t like to be bothered at work - especially by his wife.

BUGS AND CRANKS slaps up a clip from a recent press conference with the Commish. As he speaks to the enthralled media, Bud gets interrupted by a cell phone call. He sees who it is, and plans what to do about it afterwards:

It’s only my wife. I’ll punch her out.”

Yikes. Maybe she was calling to apologize for burning the roast last night. Guess Mrs. Selig will have another black eye to explain to the neighbors.

Meanwhile, Bud went to unwind after the press conference by having a couple of beers with Rick Dempsey.

Rich Eisen Alycia Lane Shocker Photo Page Six Suzy Shuster Discovered Lane Emails To Eisen

SHOCKER! RICH EISEN INTERESTED IN FEMALE (ANCHOR): Rich “for the love of god, just shave it already!” Eisen had his pants pulled down by PAGE SIX today.

Alycia Lane

The NYP tabloid reports Eisen’s wife Suzy Shuster discovered sexy pics and emails from a female (thank god) sports anchor in Philadelphia named Alycia Lane - sent to Lane’s favorite “Model Boxing” fan:

Rich Eisen

Looks like these two have been comparing notes:

Rich Eisen Tommy Lasorda