Favre Backing Out of Golf Tourney; Back in NFL?

NBC’s feeling mighty good about its golf ratings, thanks to Tiger Woods & the U.S. Open. But the Peacock’s promise of extending that success took a slight slice, as Brett Favre might be backing out of a celebrity tournament.

Brett Favre Golf DVD cover

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that the (still) retired (so far) Green Bay QB had agreed to take part in next month’s American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. (Well, not actually in the lake, but near it.) But last Friday, Brett’s reps emailed NBC that Favre was “probably not coming” due to a “scheduling conflict.”

Tourney spokesman Phil Weidinger said that the reps didn’t elaborate on what exactly the conflict was. Wonder what it could be?

Maybe … Favre’s planning on coming back to the Pack? Read more…