Jillionaire Allen Iverson Shorts Man On Cab Fare

For being wealthy, some athletes can sure be cheapskates. Remember, if you will, that Tiger Woods never tips and Plaxico Burress keeps his wallet closed around strippers. Kinda Scrooge-ish for someone who can afford to throw away all his platinum cards and get a uranium card, but whatever; if you’ve never met a rich man who’s a spendthrift … you’ve probably never met a rich man.

Allen Iverson practice
(”Man, we’re talkin’ ’bout taxis! Taxis, man! We’re talkin’ ’bout taxis!”)

But at the very least, these guys are at least paying in full when they buy something, right? I mean, we’re not hearing stories like, “Tiger Woods only paid 12 cents for an Irish Car Bomb then he punched my waitress in the face and set her dog on fire” or anything.* But according to C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE, when it came time to pay for a taxi home from a wild night at the casinos last week, Iverson and his buddies decided to leave the cab driver four bucks short:

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Which Millionaire Never EVER Tips? Tiger Woods!

Move over Scottie Pippen, you’ve got company in the pantheon of great cheapskate athletes. Tiger Woods, a man who will likely be the first athlete to hit $1 billion in earnings within five years, doesn’t ever tip, either.

tiger woods money

(This is Tiger’s money! Not for you!)

According to the NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX MAGAZINE, which has essentially become America’s answer to Britain’s worst tabloid gossip rags, Woods is so notorious for not adding any gratuity that it’s cost him members of his entourage, something which, evidently, doesn’t bother him at all:

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