Wild Thing: Dykstra Will Be Broke In Three Years

No one should have been shocked that Lenny Dykstra was far less of a financial savant than he portrayed himself to be in countless media interviews. After all, this is someone who allegedly rang up huge gambling debts and was sued by his former accountant for more than $110,000. Plus, everyone know that you take financial advice from someone named Randolph or Mortimer, not someone who goes by “Lenny.”

Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra hate each other

But he always seemed like the type of guy who would be a great teammate in the clubhouse. Someone would would bring lots of energy, and get the other players fired up. But not all of his former teammates seem to agree, such as Phillies reliever/World Series goat Mitch Williams, who told the READING EAGLE that Dykstra was something of a pariah in the clubhouse:

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