Tim McCarver Does Not Pass Go, Loses $1 Million

If you saw the recent Casino Royale - so much better than Quantum of Solace - this story will sound eerily familiar: A broker (possibly with an eye that cries blood) takes his client’s money and invests it in a few high-risk ventures, despite his client urging him to “keep it conservative”. The risks don’t exactly go as planned, and he loses a vast portion of his client’s money. In this case, however, instead of a machete-wielding African mercenary, the client in question is everyone’s favorite World Series announcer, Tim McCarver.

Tim McCarver, Monopoly Guy

(Ruh Roh!)

A decent sum of money it was, too; McCarver reportedly lost about a cool million bucks on poor investments. And now he’s taking his broker, Morgan Keegan & Co., to court for “allegedly misleading him on just where his money was invested.” Even better, McCarver’s lawyer, Dale Ledbetter, is using the old Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer defense.

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