Belgium: Bad At Sports, So Much Better At Babes

Belgium hasn’t been so brilliant in the world of sports lately. Earlier this week we wrote how American soccer player Oguchi Onyewu reportedly received some racial taunting during a Belgian League game - to which Oguchi decided to file a lawsuit. And when they’re not being racists they’re being chickens, as bodybuilders at a Brussels event responded to the arrival of steroid testers by running for their lives.

Caroline Van Espen

Tsk, tsk. Well, as a public service to the Belgian Tourism Bureau - and because I love their waffles so much - I’m going to try and so the prettier side of a sports-shamed nation. For example, take a look at the lovely lingerie-clad lady above. She is Caroline Van Espen, who the blokes at THE SPOILER inform us is the wondrous WAG of Belgian goalkeeper Mark Volders. Vell done, Volders!

Looks like were off to a good start. More Belgian beauties after the jump.

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