Phelps Likes His Strippers and Chewing Tobacco

We’ve learned quite a bit about Michael Phelps since he won all those gold medals last summer, but perhaps nothing was more “shocking” than the fact that a young man likes to take a hit from the bong once in a while. It was Britain’s NEWS OF THE WORLD who were originally kind enough to share those pictures of Phelps toking, and now they’re back with even more fun facts about Phelps.

Michael Phelps Theresa White

That lady in the pink teddy right there is a stripper named Theresa White who works at a club in Baltimore. White claims that she’s gone home with Phelps before with some friends where they engaged in a three-hour love romp suitable for VH1 reality programming. She also shares a few more interesting facts about the Olympic hero, and of course, her breasts, too.

(More pics of tell-all Theresa after the jump.)

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Michael Phelps Ditches Bong To Get His Goose On

Fourteen-time gold medal winner and notable toker Michael Phelps is in New York City right now to visit his mother, Debbie Phelps, as she makes the rounds on her book tour. And it seems he’s looking to give his mom some material for a second book.

Phelps has kept a low profile since photos of him taking a hit from a bong hit newspapers and websites everywhere, but you can only keep a party animal caged for so long.  On Tuesday night Phelps hit the New York City club scene, and according to witnesses he had himself a pretty good time.  Though it appears he’s replaced the bong with bottles of Grey Goose.

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Week in Review: Tennis Babes Set for SI Swimsuits

• SI is planning to serve up Russian tennis hotties Tatiana Golovin & Maria Kirilenko in their next swimsuit issue.

Tatiana Golovin Maria Kirilenko

Charles Barkley rings in the new year with donuts, DUIs, blow jobs, big bar tabs - and Urkel.

Elle MacPherson, still not afraid to flash some flesh at 44.

Danica Patrick gets pulled over for speeding. Oh, the delicious irony! (Namely because Danica herself is quite delicious.)

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Cops Snare Sir Charles For Drunk Driving In Ariz.

Charles Barkley gets bagged in Scottsdale for a DUI? That’s turrible.

Charles Barkley Woody Woodpecker Happy New Year

• Speaking of Arizona, Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is accused of raising his hand in anger against his ex-Raiderette baby mama.

• It’s just Ducky that Oregon teams are Blazing a trail of victories to close out 2008.

• Tonight in Vegas, Robbie Maddison plans to get higher than ever before.

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Lie? Phelps Didn’t Dump Topless Asian Girlfriend

Three weeks ago Michael Phelps appeared on Regis & Kelly to do the only thing he does these days, flog dishwashers and motor oil.

Michael Phelps Asian Huge-Boobed Woman

(Should we also believe Phelps doesn’t know Paparazzi’s  supposed (im)plant?)

During the interview, Phelps said that the paparazzi had recently planted a monster-boobed Asian woman next to him at the airport because she looked like his Asian topless model girlfriend, Caz Pal.

Michael Phelps Loves Girls With Monster Back Tattoos

(Ladies: Wanna attract socially-crippled Olympians? Back tattoo is the ticket!)

But while describing the scenario, Phelps told Kelly Ripa that he didn’t have a girlfriend. In other words, he’d split from Pal.

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Phelps Dumped Girlfriend, Huge Breasts Aren’t His

So I watched Regis & Kelly for a split-second (honest) this morning in my Chicago hotel room and I saw an unkempt Michael Phelps on the show. (Enough already of the deviated septum as Abercrombie look.)

Michael Phelps Asian Huge-Boobed Woman

So Kelly Ripa asked Phelps about being trailed by paparazzi and recently spotted with his girlfriend at the airport.

Caz Pal vs. Huge Boobed Asian Chick At Airport Stalking Michael Phelps

(Caz Pal (l) was mistaken for Asian woman near Phelps at airport)

Phelps bristled when he heard Ripa’s comment, and went onto to claim that the Asian woman in question seen in paparazzi photos with Phelps this week was not his girlfriend, Caz Pal: “The photographers post this girl up next to me as I get out of the car and she follows me in. … I’ve never seen her before in my life.”

Phelps also confirmed to Ripa that he was no longer seeing Pal: “I’m not seeing anyone now.

Like all of us viewing the photos yesterday, Ripa thought that the monster-boobed woman (photos) was the female recently linked to Phelps - Vegas-based nudie (implied!) model and waitress Caroline Pal.

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Phelps Girlfriend Pal: “I’m a Victim Of The Media”

Count Caroline “Caz” Pal as the latest notable human being to play the “I’ve been victimized by the media!” card, saying that photos brought to light across the blogosphere, -  including right here at SPORTSbyBROOKS - are no indication of who she is.

Caroline Caz Pal LARGE

(This isn’t topless? Really? You’re sure?)

That Pal is trying to improve her image is no surprise, given the general furor that she received for traveling to Baltimore & spending Thanksgiving with Phelps, his mother and their family. Still, what is surprising is that she would be upset the shots were found, since, according to Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, they came from modeling shoots for an urban clothing line called Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos. Yes, Pimps & Hos is part of the official name. In the words of Dave Chappelle, “You may not be a ho, but you sure are dressed like one.”

And where were the photos found in the first place? According to Pal, brace yourself here, they came from, where else, Facebook. Don’t worry, you can see all of them again after the jump.

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Michael Phelps’ New Mystery Ladyfriend Revealed

The world was abuzz on Thursday when it was first reported by Vegas insider Norm Clarke - who awesomely wears an eye-patch - that Michael Phelps’ new ladyfriend is a 26-year-old cocktail waitress. But we all wanted, nay needed, to know the same thing: What does she look like? Well folks, the wait is over. Here she is, flashing some stone cold street hand signs:

Caz Pal, 1

The girl in question is a Miss CarolineCaz” Pal. She attended Cal State Northridge, works as a cocktail server at the Moon nightclub in the Palms, and, from the looks of things, is trying to get some kind of career in modeling or something. Oh yeah, and her back is totally covered in tattoos.

Photos, obviously, are after the jump.

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