Jimmy Connors Arrested After UCSB B-Ball Game

You wouldn’t think that the UC-Santa Barbara Gauchos are much to get worked up over, but for Jimmy Connors, it was enough to land him in jail. According to the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Connors was arrested just outside the entrance to the probably misnamed “Thunderdome” following a confrontation.

Jimmy Connors ACTION
(Kinda looks like Jason Bateman a bit.)

It wasn’t murder or anything, since Connors has already been released, but the Santa Barbara police department won’t divulge what Connors’ crime was. That won’t stop us from our favorite recreational activity: reckless speculation!

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Tell Me - Where in the World Are the Miami Heat?

On any given night, finding a key member of the Miami Heat organization can be quite a chore. So many excuses and destinations have been formulated that it can require the sleuthing powers of the finest detective minds the world can offer. Like yours.

Sunday’s contest against the Dallas Mavericks proved no different than any other night recently. Only nine Heat players logged minutes in the 25-point loss despite the game never resembling a competition. So where was everybody yesterday? Play along with us as we start yet another edition of “Where in the World Are the Miami Heat?”.


Hit it, Rockapella!
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