Carmen Electra And The Naked Wrestling Lawsuit

In the news: Carmen Electra settled a suit brought against the Naked Women’s Wrestling League. The real news: there’s something called the Naked Women’s Wrestling League!

Naked Wrestling

Is it sports? Is it entertainment? Is it porn? How about all of the above? Either way, it seems like the perfect vehicle for Carmen Electra’s talents. She served as a host for some of their events, and appeared on their DVDs, and claimed she wasn’t getting what she was owed. But this legal stuff is boring: let’s learn more about the NWWL.
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Kendra Wilkinson Talks Marriage & Stripper Poles

Kendra Wilkinson is a pretty busy Playmate these days. The “Girls Next Door” star is moving on to her own solo E! reality series, cleverly titled “Kendra”, which follows the wacky misadventures of Ms. Wilkinson as she gets ready to marry Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett.

Kendra Wilkinson ring

What can viewers expect of Kendra’s new series? Lots and lots o’ laughs! As she tells US MAGAZINE:

“It’s been fun,” she said of taping the series, which premieres this summer. “A lot of work, but fun. I’m used to Holly and Bridget, but now it’s just me. My show’s kind of — our show — is kind of like I Love Lucy, but newlyweds. It’s funny.”

I can’t wait to see the one where Kendra & Hank work on a chocolate wrapping assembly line, or when they try to stomp grapes to make wine. Think of all the hilarity that will ensue!

In addition to being a bride-to-be, Kendra is also an aspiring entrepeneur, and she’s coming out with a product that’s a must-have in every home - stripper poles!

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Cue Up The Brass Bonanza: Hartford Back In NHL?

For many hockey fans, the league would never - and could never - be the same after the Hartford Whalers skated out of town and became the Carolina Generics Hurricanes. Gone was the kitsch of a small-market team with one of the best logos in pro sports history, and in its place was just another franchise in a market with all the tradition, character, and charm of your local Applebee’s.

Hartford Whales Logo
(Best logo ever? No, that’s the 1980s Milwaukee Brewers. This is #2.)

But according to the HARTFORD COURANT, the dream may not be dead, as Mayor Eddie Perez and the city are in talks with commissioner Gary Bettman and the NHL about bringing a franchise back to the city. There’s no indication that they’d bring back the Whalers name, but there’s no talk that they wouldn’t, either. Hey, if the Cleveland Browns can do it (and this is the only time you ever want to do something like the Browns), then why not the Whalers, eh? But unsurprisingly, there are hurdles to be leapt:
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Kim K’s Got Too Much Push In The Tush For Bush

Celebutantes such as the lovely Kim Kardashian attract our attention for mostly their looks and giggles about their aspirations and film “projects”, mainly thinly veiled attempts to exploit what looks they have. Now, her beau, New Orleans Saints’ running back Reggie Bush, isn’t quite thrilled with those looks so much.

Kim Kardashian bikini

The NEW YORK POST’S “Page Six” clues us in to Bush’s desire to see Kardashian lose a little of the cushion he’s been pushin’ for a while now.

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Morgan Pressel Has Coming Out Party At Dinah While Carmen Electra Remains In Closet

TEENIE’S COMING OUT PARTY; CARMEN REMAINS IN CLOSET: Congrats to 18-year-old Morgan “Body By McNuggets” Pressel, who claimed her first LPGA Tour victory yesterday at the Nabisco Dinah Shore Classic.

Morgan Pressel Dinah Shore Chicken Nuggets

Pressel was probably a little tender for the tastes of the legions of lesbians who descended on Palm Springs for the same weekend, but Carmen Electra is a different story.

Carmen Electra Dinah Shore

Our Book Of Scrap notes that she was due to make a “big announcement” during her visit to The Dinah festivities last weekend (presumably to announce she is a lesbian and dating Joan Jett).

Joan Jett Carmen Electra

But thankfully for the sake of prospective male, tatted-out D-listers, she has since announced she’s still holed up in the House of Hetero. But I’m wondering if the above promo girls, who were stationed at The Dinah throughout the weekend, made Electra a little more than bi-curious.