NFL QB Chokes Away Golf Match To 14-Year-Old

NFL quarterbacks represent the pinnacle of athletic ability. They are the golden boys of pro sports, gods walking among us mere mortals … the walking embodiment of what a man should be. So if they’re involved in an athletic competition - any athletic competition - against a 14-year-old kid, they should be able to brush aside the challenge like a rhino swatting away a fly.

Drew Olson and Carlos Briones

Unless, apparently, you are former UCLA star turned NFL back-up Drew Olson. As the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports, he made it to the semifinals of the San Francisco City Golf Championships before getting bounced by a 14-year-old kid named Carlos Briones. And for a player who made a name for himself by leading the Bruins to five double-digit comebacks his senior season, he folded under the pressure and blew a two-up lead with three holes to go. To a 14-year-old.

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