Bill Murray Brings Some Carl Spackler to US Open

Boy, that was some U.S. Open last week, wasn’t it? Eh, all anyone will remember is how much it rained and that neither Tiger nor Phil won it. (No offense, Danny Lucas Glover.) But while Bethpage Black became Bethpage bath, Bill Murray stopped by to soak in all the fun - literally!

Bill Murray then & now

But you may ask yourself, what does Bill Murray have to do with golf? And if you do ask such a question, turn in your man card immediately. And if you’re a woman asking this question, your husband/boyfriend must rip up their man cards post haste. Why Mr. Murray was one of the seminal pieces of the greatest motion picture ever made about life on the links: Tin Cup…er, Caddyshack.

Yeah, Bill’s gettin’ older and doing more serious film work, trying to ease away from slapstick lowbrow comedy. But he’s at a freakin’ golf course - couldn’t he give us a least a smidgen of Carl Spackler?

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When Groundskeepers Go Bad: Drug Bust In Idaho

Police raided a swank golf and country club in McCall, Idaho, on Monday and seized a half-pound of cocaine, arresting the head groundskeeper and 12 other course employees. Judge Smails is going to be really pissed when he finds out.

Carl Spackler

Jose Guadalupe Gonzalez Valdez was named as the ringleader of the operation, with Valley County sheriff’s deputies finding most of the cocaine in his home, which is on the property of the swank Whitetail Golf Resort. Well, it could have been worse I suppose. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I kill all the golfers, they’ll lock me up and throw away the key.” Read more…

Bill Murray’s Golf Skills Could Use A Little Work

Actor and comedian Bill Murray loves golf. He’s done movies about golf (Caddyshack), made TV series about golf (The Sweet Spot), written books about golf (Cinderella Story), and opened golf-themed restaurants (Murray Bros. Caddyshack). Even when Murray gets a DUI, he gets it in a golf cart (in Sweden). As you might expect from a golf fanatic with nothing but time and money to burn, Murray plays in a lot of celebrity pro/am-type golf tournaments, including this weekend’s Outback Pro/Am in Tampa, Florida.

Caddyshack gopher

Unfortunately for Murray, however, he doesn’t seem to be very good at the game in which he’s invested so much of his life. Murray was playing the 9th hole of TPC Tampa Bay when his errant tee shot sailed across the street and hit innocent bystander Gail DiMaggio in the head as she stood in her front yard.

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St Andrews Golf Course Being Destroyed By Golfers

ST. ANDREWS GETTING GOUGED BY GOD-AWFUL GOLFERS: The golf course at St. Andrews is facing a brutal attack from the worst enemy of all - golfers:

Bad Golf divot Leslie Nielsen

SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY reports that bad and/or aggresive swingers are damaging the famous fairways and legendary links, creating up to 5,000 divots a week.Course managers blame improvement in club technology, and amateur linksmen’s desire to hit like Tiger Woods, but without similar results.

St. Andrews has had to bring in “specialist teams” to repair the mounting divots, while offering classes to help people with their driving that doesn’t terrorize the turf.

If all else fails, the hot Scots can always bring in this man:

Carl Caddyshack

Cinderella story, indeed.