Minnesota Twins Owner Carl Pohlad Dead At 93

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE splashes the news today that longtime Twins Owner Carl Pohlad has died at the age of 93.

Carl Pohlad

No news on the cause of death (not that it really matters, he was farking 93). Or when he died.  Or who will end up in control of the Twins in the future.

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Ocho KO’s Marvin; Dalai Lama Disrupts Olympics?

• A former Bengal confirms that Ocho Cinco went muy loco during a playoff game and slugged coach Marvin Lewis.

Chad Johnson Marvin Lewis Bengals

• Chinese officials claim that the Dalai Lama wants to disrupt the Beijing Olympics. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Pat Riley wants to reimburse Heat fans for the team’s horrendous play. Maybe he can borrow some dough from Carl Pohlad.

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Twins Owner Pohlad Won’t Share His Vast Wealth

The Minnesota Twins would seem to be dealing with the same adversity of any cash-strapped small market team: losing high-priced free agents Johan Santana and Torri Hunter to bigger markets and having to dip into public funds to finance the team’s new stadium. Makes some sense, except when you take into account that the team’s owner, Carl Pohlad, is the wealthiest among baseball’s ruling class, according to FORBES.

Carl Pohlad Twins owner

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE points out that among the 92-year-old Pohlad’s “peers on Forbes’ global billionaire list are John Malone (Braves, tied for 553rd, $2.2 billion), Mike Ilitch (Tigers, 743rd, $1.6 billion), and Tom Hicks (Rangers) and George Steinbrenner (Yankees, tied for 897th, $1.3 billion).”

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