Carl Landry Suffers Gunshot For No Good Reason

Pride is a hell of a thing. For its timeless role as the third leg of the sporting tripod - next to athleticism and rules, if you were curious - it’s still above all else a deadly sin. It’s what drives overreactions and escalations on scales large and small. It was also on the back of every jersey of a rival football team when I was growing up, which led to some spectacularly easy incest jokes. But I digress. Pride can be good, but pride can just as easily be lethally dangerous.

Carl Landry
(Doing just fine, all things considered.)

Take, for example, Houston forward Carl Landry. While driving home this morning after a Monday night game against New Orleans, Landry was involved in a small collision with another car just southeast of downtown Houston. When Landry got out of the car to inspect what damage, if any occurred, he was shot at twice by the occupants of the other car, one bullet striking his leg. The damage was relatively light - a flesh wound that’ll keep him out for about two weeks - but it’s still just about the dumbest thing we’ve heard this week. Read more…