If Only For Our Awkward Habit Of Keeping Score

Jason Lieser of the PALM BEACH POST alerts us to some delightful comments this week from Univ. of Florida left guard Carl Johnson as he reflected about last week’s game against Alabama.

Carl Johnson

Johnson on his Tuscaloosa takeaway:

“It showed us that these Crimson Tides are not gods. They’re people. To me, it wasn’t deflating. It was just, rest assured we can beat these guys. Look what we just did to the No. 1 team in the nation. We just drove the ball 85 yards. That just gave me more confidence.”
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Date Rape Prompts Restraining Order For UF OL?

Recall the story from earlier yesterday and today about Florida lineman Carl Johnson, who was just cited for violating a restraining order. Creepy behavior, yes, but the details behind the order itself hadn’t come out, so it was fair to assume that absent any further revelations, Johnson was just a bit of a clingy creep, as many young men his age are. According to the ORLANDO SENTINEL, however, the petitioner of the restraining order told authorities that it was after a pattern of truly disturbing behavior, not the least of which was multiple instances of date rape.

Carl Johnson Florida Gators accused of date rape
(In retrospect, the “gun” hand gestures are a little unsettling.)

The arrest Monday of Gators offensive lineman Carl Johnson stemmed from a petition from a former girlfriend who claimed Johnson “date-raped” her on three occasions from September to November of 2008.

Now, in the interest of objectivity, it’s worth noting two things: 1) charges have not been and never were filed against Johnson, so at this point calling him a “date rapist” is beyond the pale, even with “alleged” attached to the start. And 2) police reports like these are notoriously one-sided; Johnson deserves his opportunity to tell his side of the story. That said, Johnson’s career is completely toast if most of this stuff is true, because the way it sounds, the petitioner’s almost lucky just to be alive: Read more…