Latest Bradley Meltdown Pushes Pinella Past Limit

Perhaps Lou Pinella could have used some of that pot he admitted to having smoked after watching yet another meltdown by one of his players last night. Not surprisingly, it was Milton Bradley who was the instigator this time, flinging his batting helmet in disgust and tossing a Gatorade cooler around the dugout after a bad at-bat in the team’s game versus the Chicago White Sox. (And what do baseball players have against Gatorade? If Tiger Woods ever walked into a MLB dugout, he’d probably be clubbed to death on sight.)

Milton Bradley throwing baseballs

(Lou Pinella was shocked that this guy lost his temper.)

But while Bradley’s meltdown was tame compared to his previous antics (no announcers were screamed at) or that of teammates such as Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster and Ted Lilly earlier this season, Pinella had apparently reached his limit. So MLB.COM says he had words with Bradley in the tunnel, ending with him telling Bradley to “take his uniform off and go home.” So do you think the Cubs are regretting signing Bradley to that three year, $30 million contract in the off-season?

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Blog Jam: Houston Rockets Acquire A Space Cadet

  • SLAM ONLINE has the scoop that Kings and Rockets are finalizing a deal to send Ron Artest to Houston. Not only does this move bring a guy who isn’t from this planet to a team called the Rockets, but it will also give Clutch City a third offensive option. Additionally, the trade brings in a brand of crazy Houston hasn’t seen since Carl Everett left town in 1999.

    Ron Artest Globe

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