NFL Great Carl Eller Claims Police Abuse In Suit

Everyone makes mistakes, even all-time great NFL players. Well, former Vikings star and Hall of Famer Carl Eller was caught while making one of those drastic mistakes in judgment last April, when he nearly collided with a police car while driving drunk, then harassed arresting officers who attempted to take him into custody when he pulled into his house, leading to a diverse dossier of charges: fourth-degree assault, terroristic threats, driving while impaired and refusing to submit to a chemical test.

carl eller

Well, now Eller is turning the tables on the Minneapolis police department, filing an 18-page lawsuit that the arresting officers who arrived at Eller’s home used “improper impact and unauthorized force” when arresting the 66-year old senior citizen. According to Eller’s lawyer Albert Goins Sr. in a story in the ST. PAUL PIONEER-PRESS, Minneapolis officers hit Eller in the head with a flashlight, subdued him with a chokehold and tasered him multiple times.

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NBC Hopes To Cook Up Football Fun w/New Book

Are you ready for some football? And are you ready to enjoy some grilled gridiron cuisine & tackle some tasty turf-inspired snacks?

Well, we have just the thing for you - a Sunday Night Football cookbook!

Sunday Night Football cookbook

(The NBC Peacock tried unsuccessfully to have all poultry recipes removed)

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY serves up the news that NBC Sports has teamed up with Time, Inc., to create a literary work combining food & football. The cookbook is expected to hit stores next month with a suggested retail price of $27.95. Although that might seem a bit steep for directions on how to make nachos, all proceeds from the book sales will apparently go to charity.

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Should Carl Eller Be Drinking After DUI Assault?

Carl Eller was recently spotted out & about enjoying a tall, cool bottle of beer. So what - an ex-Viking Hall of Famer can’t sit back, relax and gulp down a brew or two?

Carl Eller Minnesota Vikings Coronita

Well, such an ex-Viking probably shouldn’t be drinking while awaiting trial for assaulting two police officers during a DUI arrest last April. Read more…

Blog Jam: Tafoya Joins The Deadspin Hit Parade

Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE tells Buzz Bissinger to make room for Michele Tafoya on the DEADSPIN bash-wagon.

Buzz Bissinger Michele Tafoya

• Meanwhile, MR. SUNSHINE berates Bob Costas in the same show for his snide opinions on sports radio.

• VIKINGS BLOG notes that after his arrest for assault, lineman Darrion Scott won’t likely be asked back to the Metrodome. But we bet Carl Eller would still want him around.

• The BOSTON HERALD reveals yet another woman claiming that Roger Clemens tried to start something - this time, it’s the ex-wife of wrestler Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.

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Ex-Viking Eller Arrested For Being a Drunken Feller

At the tender age of 66, former Minnesota Vikings star Carl Eller showed that he can still be a rough customer. Unfortunately, he demonstrated his strength against a couple of Minneapolis police officers.

Carl Eller Minnesota Vikings mug shot

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that Eller was arrested early Wednesday morning on for driving while intoxicated. But during the arrest, the Hall of Famer reacted so violently that the arresting cops “feared for their lives“:

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