Voter Fraud, But Since It’s Canada Nobody Cares

The Vote for Rory campaign last year was cute. Fans got behind a scrappy defenseman and stuffed the ballot box for the NHL All-Star Game, and it was a bit of harmless fun. Leave it to Montreal Canadiens fans to take things a little too far, and probably force Gary Bettman to cancel the All-Star Game altogether. This is why we can’t have nice things!

NHL All-Star Voting

Currently, the third-place Canadiens don’t look like they’ll actually have a break during the All-Star break. Habs players lead the fan voting at all six positions, each with more than 180,000 votes. The highest totals for a non-Canadien? Sidney Crosby, only the most popular player on the planet, with 68,000. Way to subtly work the system, Montreal douchebags.

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