Cards Trying To Keep Cowboys Fans Out of Home

The Arizona Cardinals are a perennial sexy sleeper pick for NFL fans of wagering on the over/under of total games won, while at the same time remaining a bastion of mediocrity with which the city of Cleveland can follow. (Just kidding, Cleveland, you’re swell.) Given all that preseason hype, combined with that needy desperation and Ken Wisenhunt’s actual ability to turn the team around, it seems odd that they aren’t selling all of their season tickets.

Cowboys Fans

But they’re not. And that leaves a giant void in sales that is being crept on by Dallas Cowboys fans, who are trying to procure entry for the October 12th regular season ‘Boys-’Saw matchup. But, as YAHOO! SPORTS reports, the Cardinals are instituting measures for controlling the population of Texans inside the Pink Taco.

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