What’s Up With That Male Capitals Cheerleader?

One of my friends is a 300 lb. behemoth who loves hot wings, NASCAR and Oklahoma football. So I was shocked to find out that he was also a college cheerleader: Clearly, he doesn’t fit into what you think of as the typical male cheerleader. But when I asked him about it, his answer was simple yet brilliant: He got to hang out with hot cheerleaders every day and get very physical with them.

Red Rocker David

So perhaps the recent movie “Fired Up” had it right when they portrayed male cheerleading as the way for smart, straight men to have a lot of contact with cheerleaders. But while this might be true in some cases, it’s hard to get away from the other stereotypes about male cheerleaders, especially when I see the profile of “David,” the only male member of the Washington Capitals Red Rockers spirit squad.

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